25 Oct 2018


Since of this week I will no longer be blogging here but you will instead find me on The Northern Sisters collective. I hope you will follow me there ♥


19 Jul 2018


I was very glad when I was asked to shoot this editorial for Cole Magazine. It is first edition with only black models. Still today the fashion industry is sadly very monoton and white. That is why editions like this one for Cole is important and I was happy to be part of it.
It was a treat working with stylist Karolina Vertus and model Zainab Jones. 

7 Feb 2018



1 Jan 2018


Playing around with Siri in the woods around the house I grew up in.
The beautiful bohemian dresses are from Tuva Minna Linn Odd Lovin

31 Dec 2017

BYE BYE 2017

Life is not a journey (like the great Alan Watts pointed out) because if it was there would be a great great destination to arrive at but since I am not religious I believe there is only death, a nothingness. Most of us are constantly working towards a goal in the future, a reward we think is gonna come instead of just living for the beauty of it. Don't get me wrong, dreaming is our fuel. But we don't dance to reach a point, we dance because we love the music. Life should be a playful thing. I think it's something we loose track of now and then, I know I do. I have chosen a life for myself that suits my personality and needs. I am still waiting for that great love to come, if it's out there. That person where there is not only a deep connection but also an investment of emotions and time but until then I am dancing to the sound of my own heart. In my work I get to combine my passion to create with my need to connect with other humans. I have grown to love the restlessness and the need to explore that is in my core. I get scared and anxious when I do new things but the highs that comes from pushing through it is amazing. That is why I travel, to challenge myself and to be uncertain about what will come my way is thrilling.

About a year ago I did my last post for 2016, I just went back and read it. Not much has change really. I visited new places (posts made earlier this year) and I have continued to grow as a person and as a photographer. But when it comes to what I wish for in this upcoming year I am not sure. Last year I wanted to meet someone and fall in love, I just forgot to wish for it to be mutual. So this year I guess I hope to find more peace of mind and to accept and let go of things in my past. Probably the most important fact I learned this year is that I am HSP. It means that I am highly sensitive person and I have hypersensitivity to external stimuli, a greater depth of cognitive processing and high emotional reactivity. It is found in 15 to 20% of the population so I am surly not alone in this. It is both a blessing and a curse to be sensitive because it means you feel and experience more, both good and bad emotions. I will try to understand and learn more about this in 2018. 

Lastly I want to say that I am grateful for being given another spring, summer, fall and winter. I will do my best to hear the music in 2018 and just dance my ass off. "You either die or you live" to quote one my favorite movies that I saw in 2017, En man som heter Ove. 

Here are just a few pics that I took during the year...if you want to see more then I suggest you take a trip to my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/isabellnwedin/

I wish you all the best and a happy new year! ♥♥♥









28 Sept 2017


I was first gonna write about how Summer came and went so quickly, that I had this feeling that not much happened. But when I started looking at photos to describe these last months I realized that I was wrong, so wrong. I started photographing for a two bigger Swedish magazines and got my first cover, starring Malin Olsson. This season I have photographed more weddings than ever but somehow found time to hang out with old friends and make new once. I went one weekend to Berlin to see my dear Gerri and Maria. In June I went to the north of Sweden to see and old friend who is recording his first album. I went to see Sondre play in Copenhagen, I was disciplined with my yoga and my body feels stronger than in a long time. Just like most people I have to keep working on my mindfulness and reading The book of Joy once again helped. I did have a great Summer, I just had to stop for a while and think about it. One more time I am reminded of the power of photographs and how they trigger emotions. Maybe I should just let the pictures speak for themselves now...

Backstage with Sondre

Kids fashion with Odd Lovin'

My b-day picnic, love these girls

Photographing for MAMA Magazine with Malin Olsson

Book event / Minna and Anna Malmberg

This woman!

Getting to know Varg 

Working on my project Poems of a garden

Shooting for Family Living and Mama with Minna

Vlora & Martin had a baby boy

Staying disciplined

Norrland and Davide

Peder for Mama

Malin for Family Living

Personal project with stylist Anna Björkman

Bali reunion with Maria and her lovely family. See you in Winter!

My sister and her youngest lovehippie

New York reunion with Yvonne who came all the way to Malmö for a shoot.

Trying to look badass with Emma

One of the photos of my home for Family Living. Yes I have a giant print of myself but it was a gift from my gallery ;)

Summer girls


I meet her once a year and those days are precious 

Sunrise shoot with Maria


When your bride from May becomes your homie