29 Oct 2012


I woke up from having a nightmare, a dream I have in real life had turned on me. It was a different version of something I have dreamt before. I want to run from this but I can't because you can't run from what haunts you on the inside. They say that hope is the last thing that abandons a person but awake I have decided to abandon hope in a try to spare myself a lot of lost time.


26 Oct 2012

Day of reckoning (part one)

My niece close to the place where I grew up

Dreamy beauty shoot

In September I met up with make-up artist Jenny Beckman (http://jennybeckman.se/) and model Sarah Amy Eckardt (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Eckardt/308383905846084) in Pildammsparken in Malmö. The weather was lovely this morning when we had decided to have a beauty shoot. Sarah is also and actress and I think you can see that in the pictures. She was a joy to work with and she understood my dreamy vision perfectly. I love working with Jenny, she is an artist when it comes to make-up and this time she also did a big parts of the styling. (The fur is fake)

For the first time ever I am able to show you how I work during a photoshoot. My friend and film-maker Cesar A. Ortis came along for the photoshoot and he filmed it all. If you click on this link you will be able to see the result. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qES7QnAQW2E&feature=youtu.be (I'm sorry for my strange English, but I am Swedish after all) Extra thanks to Mushtak Awad who created the music for the video. I just love when good people come together to be creative.


25 Oct 2012

Breath fire

If tomorrow comes
I wanna waste my love on you like a pearl merchant
I'm ready to learn what it takes to burn
I'm gonna let you show me what it means to breathe fire
(Niki and the dove)


When I lost you...

Self portrait, New York

18 Oct 2012

Busy woman

These six past months have been crazy busy and I still have so much work ahead of me. I have planned every single day to be able to keep my deadlines to clients and the last time I had a free day was in Italy in September. But I love to bitch about it, I love to be super busy because lord knows it's not easy to have your own business and it has taken me a while to get to where I am. I'm already booked for eight weddings next year, the latest one in October. I love to bring joy to other people by doing something I love. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that you have found your calling and that one of your dreams are kind of coming true...

Last night I dreamt that someone had stolen my cameras. I woke up crying...Yes I do have other things on my mind than photography! Next month I will fly to London to have adventures together with a dear dear friend of mine that I miss very much. I Can't wait to see London, it has been 14 years since I was there the last time. Now I will crawl into bed because I am dead tired!

Stockholm 2012


Documenting your life in pictures has it's pros and cons. I just stumbled upon a folder of images I had hidden away and it surprised me how painful it was to see them...to remember the bright moments that are forever gone. They say time heals everything but sometimes I wonder. It's strange to treat a person as if it's dead when it's still very much alive, it's strange to shut someone out that used to play such a big part. One day I will look at the photos I had hid away without feeling sad and maybe one day I will be able to meet you without being angry.

Morocco 2010

Ghost town

 All of these ghost towns I keep travelling through
All of these traffic signs and lonesome bars blind the view
I swear I can be better
I could be more to you
But there are things that line my path
That I just had to do
 Maybe I should just turn around
And walk away
For no matter how much I really do want to stay
You know I can't, No it's too late

(Ghost town First Aid Kit)

New York 2009

16 Oct 2012


for those things I don't have...

New York 2009

8 Oct 2012


Just some moments ago I was sitting in my bathtub, a place that I find myself so often in. I love the sound and the feeling of water, being embraced by it makes me completely calm. I was thinking about the weddings I have photographed this year, about these people who has made a decision that it's going to be us, who has found someone that they beleive in and that believes in them. I don't think you have to get married to prove it but it's a nice gesture. I have no idea if I will get married, I don't have a clear vision of it in my head and also first there has to be someone to marry. My beloved sister, that I turn to for guidance in life, said that I will stop being so restless when I find someone to stand still with, someone that will fit me. I have been on my own now for one and a half year. There has been those who crossed my way but because of various reasons it has not lasted. I have seen so many happy couple this spring, summer and fall that I still beleive in love even if it has not treated me well. One of my favourite artists/poets Emil Jensen said that there is no such thing as unhappy love, just idiots that don't want you. I'm perfectly good on my own, I like the independence and the freedom but I would lie if I said I didn't want to belong to someone and to have someone who belongs to me. In many way I am liberal and open minded but when it come to relationships and love I simply want to be enough for just one person. Some say it speaks against our nature and some of the best things in life are the primitive once but I beleive we have evolved passed the monkey state. In the end I guess it's about finding something/someone that fit's you. I need someone who challenge and inspires me, who dances to the same rhythm and most of all makes me laugh. Maybe I'm a bit naive and a romantic but I believe that there are more like me out there and that our paths will cross in the future. In the meantime I'm focusing on photography, adventures and kissing pretty frogs.

Here are some of my favourite wedding pictures from this spring and beginning of summer. I will give you an update when I have finished more of the 25 weeding I have this year...
You find my page for weddingphotography at www.turturduva.se (turturduva=lovebird)