5 Feb 2015

Nation of Gondwana (Germany)

It's been severals years since I went to a music festival and to be honest it's not one of my top favorite things to do in the world. But when you find out that some great people are going to a festival outside of Berlin you want to be part of it. In July last year I attended Nation of Gondwana and it was hot as hell, a lot of crazy people and loud electronic music...so pretty awesome. I didn't dare to bring my expensive canon but I did bring my small Nikon which I also refer to as the party camera. If you want to read more about the festival itself I recommend clicking on this link: http://www.buddhamag.org/festivals/2014/8/nation-of-gondwana-a-whole-load-of-tits-and-what-the-fuck
Train ride 

Entering the festival

A little absinthe anyone?

Kai made us pretty 

The lake

Nation of Gondwana is knows for it's psychedelic light shows. 

Love love love water cannons 

Lägg till bildtext

Of all the people at the festival Gerri just had to be the one stepping on the fish hook in the water.

3 Feb 2015

A few days in Switzerland

Last year in November I went to Switzerland for a few days of mountains and sunshine. I started in Geneva where I visited my childhood friend Josefine, her husband and cute dog for 3 days. She has been living in Stockholm before moving to Switzerland so our paths rarely crosses and it was great to catch up on life. We went on road trips to France, walked around in the city and in the evenings we cooked and drank wine. It was so effortless being together and I realized that I had missed her more than I thought. I think that the best kind of friendship is not affected by time nor distance.
It's been more than 15 years since I took my first portraits of her in my parents garden. Over the years I have kept on taking pictures of her. Together we have gone from little girls to women and in the process I became a real photographer. I left Geneva with a big smile on my face and hopefully it won't be that long until we see us again.
Next stop was Zurich where I met Jonatan who I have known since summer. He had just moved from Malmö to Zurich and now he works for google. I got to see where he work and it was really cool. We didn't do much but since I had been working so hard for a long time it was wonderful to be able to do nothing, watch movies and eat junk food. On my last day we did go on a hike in the hills surrounding the city and that was wonderful even if it killed us a bit.
I think Switzerland is a very beautiful country with it's inspiring scenery and fresh air. It's a bummer that it's so expensive.

Will I ever get tired of photographing clouds?

Josefine and her baby

Breakfast and selfie 

Good morning Geneva

Going to France 

Josefine wearing a dress from www.oddlovin.com

Stunning view in Chamonix 

Wild dancer



Good morning Zurich!

Going on a hike

The italian shows the way

I wish that Malmö looked like this...