28 May 2011

Victoria Tinggren

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Victoria Tinggren in Malmö. This talented young woman is a DJ & Club promoter based in Sweden. She's into techno, minimal and house.
We took promotion photos in Pildammsparken. She asked specifically for my favorite style, the dreamy, bohemian and feminine one that I love. I wish I got to do jobs like this all the time, because when I do I photograph with my heart.
Do you wanna know more about Victoria? Go to http://victoriatinggren.com/

27 May 2011

Muriel Tiger in Mauerpark, Part 1

This is Muriel, a German model that I had the pleasure of borrowing from Cymage Models in Berlin. We spent a sunny and warm day in Mauerpark together. The park was packed with people but you can't really tell. Muriel acted very professional and didn't mind the attentions at all. She has that fairytaleish look that I love and I'm sure I will photograph her in the future again. I'm kind of busy at the moment with work but there will be more photos of her in the upcoming weeks. Until then I give you these...

15 May 2011


Gillar du min stil och skulle vilja ha den här typen av bilder tagna på dig själv? Då är det bara att kontakt mig på contact@isabellnwedin.com eller slå mig en signal på 070 631 06 17. Jag gör nämligen sådana fotograferingar på beställning. Passa på nu när det är grönt och skönt i vårt land. Priser börjar på 990:-...

Anneke in Tiergarten

I just came back from a nice week in Berlin. I can't beleive that it's a year ago that I moved back to Sweden. When I left I was so sure that I never wanted to live there again. It's not that I didn't like it I just wanted something else, like I always do. I guess that is one of my problems, that I like to run into new stuff all the time. I both love and hate change, I need it but I resent it. Will I ever find peace somewhere? What I really like about Berlin is that it's so alive and there are so many outgoing, interesting and creative people. I feel like I belong there in way I don't do in Malmö.
In Berlin I photographed two models from the same agency, Cymage Models Berlin. First I will show you pictures of Anneke Schäl, who is also a good friend of mine. Last time I photographed her in Berlin it was so cold and gray. This time we walked around for a couple of hours in Tiergarten. It was my first time there during springtime and I fell in love with it. It's so big, so green and beautiful. You totally forget that you are in a big city...

Cosette Munch

I like to think of my pictures as an escape of reality. I've loved fairy tales since forever and I have a vivid imagination. I'm one of those people who can shut out the world when reading a book or watching a film. I'm drawn towards people who looks different then the rest of us. They definitely don't have to be models, just have something unordinary. Cosette is definitely one of them. Her red long hair, pail skin and big eyes makes her look like she just walked out from a saga. I guess that's why I love photographing her, that and the fact that she loves climbing trees...
Would you like to know more about her? Check out her blog at http://crackcosette.com/
Wanna se more of my photos? Go to www.isabellnwedin.com


Fanny flowers

A couple of weeks ago I went to the countryside, outside Malmö with two Swedish models. The first one that I will present to you here is Fanny. Yes, you have seen her before on this blog. We come from the same small town and both have creative dreams, she as a model and I as a photographer. It's always a lot of fun photographing her because she is so sure of herself. She really know what I like and have no problem dancing in heals while farmers are watching her. Thank you Fanny for another awesome photoshoot!