13 Oct 2010

A moony garden in Berlin

Once again I have been in Berlin and once again I took photos of Cosima, my German friend. We walked around in Tiergarten and several times we found ourselves completely alone. That is one of the things I love about Berlin. It is so spread out and green that you sometimes forget what a big city it is. I went and saw the Peter Lindbergh exhibition at C/O Berlin. On a wall they had printed an interview with Lindbergh and one thing that caught me was that he spoke about how you as a photographer always return to the surroundings of your childhood. If you grew up in a city that is most likely what you would like to photograph and I believe that's true. For me it's the opposite, I live in a city because I feel like I have to and off course I like it in a way, but it's in nature that I grew up and it's there that I feel most at ease. And there is something mysterious about nature, it's not something we have created. I just can't help myself for coming back for more.


1 Oct 2010

Caught in a Jane Austen moment...

I'm not a morning person but sunrises like this makes me wanna change...Nature is truly stunning and beautiful.