31 Aug 2011

Down by the river

A couple of weeks ago I spent some hours outside Malmö together with the make-up artist Sandra Haraldsen and a fav model. We played around with different looks and had a blast. We created 2 different styles, one more romantic that you find here and one a little bit more raw that you find below this post.

A flirt with Helmut

Some of you might think that this is very different from my romantic style and you are right. But sometimes you just need to change a little bit, do something new, go somewhere were you haven't been, take a risk, show some boobs and see where that takes you...

Make-up and styling Sandra Haraldsen

19 Aug 2011

Planket Malmö

Tomorrow I'm taking part in an outdoor group exhibition called Planket. (http://www.planketmalmo.se/) If you are in Malmö you will be able to see 3 of my photos at Folkets park. Go check it out! And for you who can't experience it live I'm posting the photos here as well. These 3 photos are personal favorites of mine, I think they represent my style and taste in photography. They are portraits, feminine and dreamy.
Special thanks to Madde and Martin for helping me out, I'm still in Milan and I could not have taken part in Planket without your help. Löve!


7 Aug 2011


I'm super busy right now with weddings so I will not be updating this blog for a couple of weeks. Soon I will also be packing for Milan. I'm going there for 2 weeks to assist in a design studio: http://www.sergiocalatroni.com/
I'm hoping I will have time to take some photos and of course enjoy some really good pasta, wine and pizza with friends. I will check in with you all soon again!

P.s last time I wrote that Arty Farty is on facebook I got around 30 new likes so once again I'm writing Find me on facebook! ;)