31 May 2010


This German girl with the magical hair is called Hannah. She's a student who also works for a very nice gallery in Berlin. Usually I let people style themselves for the shoots, since I want the clothes to represent who they truly are but when it came to Hannah I just had to dress her in my beautiful vintage dress. I don't buy a lot of clothes since I don't make that much money, but sometimes when I see something that I know is gonna look good in a picture I just can't help myself. Hannah has this kind of Jane Austen thing going on in real life. There is something refined about the way she moves and talks. So that's why I thought the dress and the fake fur would work. The moment she got dressed she really capture that felling I was going for and I am happy with the pics.


11 May 2010


No, it's not snowing in Berlin, thank God! I took these in January and the model is my beautiful Swedish friend Helen, who stayed with me for a while. It was freaking cold outside so we stayed close to my apartment. Two of the pics I took from my bedroom window. I tried a little bit to capture the coldness we all experience once or several times during those dark months of winter.

7 May 2010


Cosima is my new friend and also an aspiring actress. This german girl has a lovely personality and a laughter is never far away.
We walked around in Berlin for more than two hours while we took these photos. I have two favorites, the first and the third. I'm always trying to capture some magic while I photograph and I believe that in those I got it.

Wanna see more of Cosima? Check out her shortfilm at:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1968356/1 cut no VO.mov


2 May 2010


When I was back in Sweden a couple of weeks ago I met up with my friend and working model Fanny. We had a lovely shoot in the outside part of the local bathhouse. It was a sunny and beautiful day but of course cold. But, since Fanny is a pro that was not a problem. That is one of the things I really love about working with a real model, they usually give 100% and that usually gives you the chance to take great pictures.

(p.s click on the photos if you what to see them bigger)