31 Jul 2014

The flower wreath

Yesterday I went to see my sister in the countryside. She lives a big and beautiful house outside of Höör with her husband and her children. I brought three white dresses with me and photographed each child in water. The sun was just about to set and for 20 minutes I just had the perfect light to create that mysterious atmosphere. I love photographing Asti, Siri and Tage and if I have a new idea I like to try it on them first. I love their curiosity for making images and their complete trust in me. Sometimes I wonder how they will remember their aunt when they are all grown up. I know that they see me as something between a child and an adult and I think that is beautiful. Today I took the time to create one image from the shoot and I also uploaded it to photovogue where it not only was accepted but also selected as best of. There will be more pictures as soon as I can find the time for it.

28 Jul 2014

LOVE season

I'm in the middle of wedding season and I'm so busy. If I am not out photographing I am at home editing. This one is a personal favorite from last Saturdays wedding at Örenäs slott. I love the tilt shift lens I got a few weeks ago and I am planning on using it on all the weddings in the future.
If you are curious of what it looks like when I photograph weddings just visit www.turturduva.se

7 Jul 2014

A preview from fantasy land

I'm in fantasy land also known as Norway. I feel like any moment Frodo is gonna run by or I'm gonna bump into Jon Snow. I'm traveling with one of my best friends and on the different hikes we are doing we stop now and then to create these kind of photos. It's my first time in this country and I am loving it!

4 Jul 2014

A lazy day in a national park

In an hour I will be on a bus to Norway and in less than 24 h I will be with my dear friend Madde in Geiranger. I'm longing for mountains and wilderness, I'm longing to be creative and make images. 
The other day I went to Skäralid, which is a national park in my region and got a small taste of what my trip might look like. Nature...bring it on :)


3 Jul 2014

Black roses

Now you only bring me black roses
And they crumble into dust when they're held.
Now you only bring me black roses
Under your spell.

1 Jul 2014

Not a great day for sailing

On midsummer's day I went sailing with my friends Benny and Karolina. It was not a great day for sailing but it was very refreshing and I loved how wild the ocean was. I'm hoping to be able to tag along again when the weather makes it possible for us to further out and for a longer time with Maråni.