21 Dec 2009

A little info

I'm back in Schweden for christmas and it won't happen something interesting here on the blog until I get back to Berlin again. I left my buddy, the computer in Germany but offcourse I got my cameras with me. The wonderful Canon 5D is still going strong after more that 2 years and I also got my Canon G10 with me. I guess you could say that I'm a canon girl.
Today I'm off to Malmö for work. Last week I assisted the photographer Mikael Leijon (www.mikaelleijon.se) on a fashionshoot. I've worked a lot for Mikael and it was great to be back. He's the one who has tought me about lightning. He's kind of a master when it comes to studiolights. I do a lot of retouching for him and that's what I'm gonna do today and tomorrow.
In the upcomming days I also have some shoots of my own. One of them is with a new artist called Betongfabriken brinner (www.myspace.com/betongfabrikenbrinner). My favorite songs is Men med kyssar and Jag var allt . I really like his music and I can't wait to take his portrait.

See you after christmas!


7 Dec 2009

Right now I am spending a lot of time in front of my computer. It's time to update the website with new pics and then I also have something going on, that is kind of a secret. I might have been offered to take part in something totally awesome but since nothing is settled I won't say much. But it has something to do with my new illustration that I am posting here...enjoy.


6 Dec 2009

Tassili Calatroni

This is my new friend Tassili. He lives and studies in Berlin but comes from Milano. We share the same passion for photography and he would very much like to work as a photographer in the future. I wanted to take his portrait because I think he has a very interesting look and a very nice personality.

4 Dec 2009

Lovely quotes about photography Part 1

"Photography can only represent the present. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past"
Berenice Abbot

"Photography, as we all know, it not real at all. It's an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world"
Arnold Newman

"A photograph is a portrait painted by the sun"

3 Dec 2009

Cecilia-the scandinavian blond

I'm blessed with having a lot of really good friends. It seems like everywhere I've lived I've met someone special who enriches my life. There're the people you met when you went to school, during your after school things, the people you met while traveling and then there're the rare once that you have known all your life. I was so little the first time I met Cecilia that I can't remember it. But I remember that together we dreamt of becoming princesses and we ate strange things that we found in the forrest. Now we're all grown up and living our lives in different countries. She's an engineer and nowadays she lives in Gothenburg. It was wonderful when she came to visit for a weekend and off course I had to take her portrait. With those amazing blue eyes you can't really fail, she truly is a stunning scandinavian blond.