24 Mar 2015


Since I was a little girl I have been very stubborn and sensitive, a combination that has not always made my life an easy one. I thank my never ending flow of energy for getting me where I am today. I also have had the most wonderful parents who made me dream big. Then there are my siblings who proves blood is thicker than water. I almost gave up once, I was about to put my cameras away and get a "normal" job but then my sister said that would be a crime and that she saw so much potential in me. This was 6 years ago and I am thankful that she pushed me when I needed it.
I am a social person and photography is such a great way to connect with people. When I take my self portraits I try to connect with myself. In art school they taught us that sometimes we create images that we will understand much later. I kept that in mind and I have never questioned why I for an example felt the need to climb a tree naked or lay on top of myself in another image.
I am in a good place now and then I don't feel the need to say much through self portraits. I focus on my wedding and portrait photography which I love. Photography is really a strange thing that gives us the power to freeze moments we want to remember. An images is a powerful thing, it can make us yearn, smile and cry, sometimes all at the same time. This is one of the reasons why I love it.
Sometimes I think that it must be hard to grasp who I am when your see my photos. I really move between the art world and the commercial world without apologizing. Why should I have to choose, who made that stupid rule up? I was born a gemini and I have embraced the duality of my sign. I like just as much to create dark and dreamy images as to photograph two loved once in a sunset.

Self portrait

19 Mar 2015

Boudoir / morgongÄva

At the moment I am busy selecting photos for my new wedding and portrait website. It always takes longer than you think and I'm longing for when I will be able to show it. During severals years I have done boudoir shoot for brides to be. It's getting more and more popular to give sensual photos to your partner in the morning after the wedding. I wish more women would give themselves this as a present to themselves. It's about celebrating yourself and your body no matter size or age.