26 Sep 2013

Tomorrow I will fall asleep in Paris...


Forget that it is made of glass

And now I wish to God that
The earth would turn cold
And my heart would forget it's made of glass
And all the pretty tulips would disappear
And never disturb me again
You gave me my very first gun
I'll go out and hunt the hidden dome
With white foxes, with white foxes
Susanne Sundfør - White Foxes

17 Sep 2013

Sleeping beauty

because he will never come...

16 Sep 2013

Into the stream

Self portrait, Sweden 2013

15 Sep 2013


I just came back from a worcation in Italy and it was beautiful. I can feel that something is changing for the better, that there are good things to come. When I try to remember the last 3 months that has passed it's blurry. I know I have worked and experienced so much but at the same time it's hard to remember everything, this time just disappeared. I learned a hard lesson this summer and I know that I am different now. I was forced to ask myself a lot of tough questions and I feel calm knowing the answers to a lot of them. Most of all I have had to learn that there are things that are out of my control and that there are things I simply must accept. Most important is to refuse being a victim and to all the time act with dignity and remain the better person. There will sadly always be people who will disrespect you and make you life harder then it have to be but then there will also always be those wonderful people who are your true friends. This summer I lost one but gained two and that is beautiful. Someone once said that life is 80 % what happens to you and 20 % how you deal with it. I like that way of thinking because it makes me believe that others can't destroy me. It's so important to me to remain a good person and give love and respect to those close to me.
I spent the weekend getting to know interesting and creative people in Milan, going out, dancing like crazy, eating delicious food and ended it with a small road trip with my new wonderful friend Francesca. We went north to a place called Bellagio. The best part of the trip, besides getting to know each other even more was when we bathed in a waterfall in the forest. We were completely alone, running around naked and when we went into the icy cold water we screamed like little girls. I felt alive and like I was some wild creature of the woods. It's an experience I will always remember. We took many pictures and some of them you can see here below. Back in Milan again it was time for work, it's the fourth time I work for the designer Maria Calderara. We were the same team as last time so we called it a family shooting. It was a long day at work but it went very well. The evening ended with tons of sushi which I am completely crazy about. I can't believe how fast the days passed but I was also glad to return home. I got a lot of editing and several photoshoots ahead of me and I will be a very busy girl for many more months to come. 

Fra rocking the street of Milan

Flee market! Isabell is in heaven!

I found these and I can't wait to try them for photoshoots

Lovely creative people! Isabella is a painter and Gionata the street artist better known as Ozmo

and this is Manolo known as Mesa and the wonderful writer/journalist Miss Holsenn. 

Manolo getting the feel of long curly hair in Ozmo's studio. You will be able to see Ozmo's and Mesa's work on the runway in Milan. They have together with a handful of other street artists made the backdrop for Prada. I'm very curious to see it!

Show me your tattoos! 

Chinese man at Leoncavalli

Me dancing crazy! Photo by Fra?


Of course!

At Fra & Isabella's house

Roadtrip/going north

I absolutely love mountains.

Lake como, I'm in love

I travel with my 5D Mark 1. She is getting really old but she is still great!

Mum and dad, you would really like it here!

Last days of summer...


I wonder of all the things that has happened here...

Self portrait in the woods

By Fra



Back in Milan

Fashionshoot for Maria Calderara 

Going home really early...