31 Dec 2015

Wow, this was a quick year!

How did it all pass so fast, where did 2015 go? On a personal level it's been a calm year without any drama. On a professional level it's been exciting and even a bit crazy! I started collaborating with Fotografiska and Piqmo in Stockholm, which is kind of amazing. I did my first real editorial shoots and I felt like I evolved as a wedding photographer. I am not a writer so I decided to share my year with you by showing some pics...I mean I am after all a photographer. Here we go!

Backpacking through the south of Thailand with Jonatan.

Slow month - selfie & taking boudoir pics at a castle for my website

Berlin & more boudoir shoots

Pics for charity brand ICAN & editorial for Jute magazine and Kentaur Magazine. Taking over the instagram account of one of the best photography museum in the world, Fotografiska.

Personal fashion project together with Savannas drömmar and models from Sweden models.

Editorial for Jute Magazine & picture of Mi

Beauty pics of Pia and wedding season has started for real.

Personal project with Pete & Edlina. Fotografiska start selling one of my pic in their art gallery. Pinch me, I am dreaming...

Besides working like a maniac I went for a week to Italy and travelled around. Started selling several images through Stockholm based gallery Piqmo.

Photographing my last weddings for the season and going to Stockholm for Way up north to learn more about wedding photography and to party with other weddingphotographers from all over the world.

Doing some love shoots for my new website that hopefully will be up and running soon.

Spent most of my time editing wedding and planning my trip to Bali, Australia and New Zeeland. It's been a beautiful year and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me!