31 May 2012


It's just a matter of hours before I will become an aunt for the fourth time. My big brother and his girlfriend are right now at the hospital and there will most likely be a little one today or early tomorrow. It's their first one, my big sister already has 3 kids. We are all so exited but I feel sorry for my mother and father. They are in Greece this week and my mum managed to lock her iphone and dad didn't even bring his. My mum is usually the one how informs the rest of the family when something has happened but this time it will be different. I wonder if it's gonna be a boy or a girl...
I'm still sick so I won't upload any photos today but I will give you one of my favourite songs ever. It suits this day very well. I fell in love with this song by The sound of arrows 2009 and it has followed me ever since. How can you not with lyrics like this:
Yesterday, I had the longest ever dream, / That the world was endless with possibilities. /
/ It had me thinking, one should never forget / That there are wonders, we haven't seen yet. / Seize a chance, follow a dream. / Be yourself, don't plan and scheme. / For what we do, won't matter that much. / Puzzles and wonders, mysteries and such. / So calculate and analyse. / My head is spinning from all of those lies. / It had me fooled, a logical mess. / In a time of facts, figures and distress. / W.O.R.L.D, ITS FULL OFF M.A.G.I.C!

(if you can't load the video just google M.A.G.I.C & The sound of arrows)

29 May 2012


Exactly 28 years ago my beautiful mother gave birth to me in a town in the South of Sweden. Sadly I have come down with a fever this day and have spent it mostly sleeping and having strange dreams. I love living alone, the feeling of freedome it brings but a day like this it's not the best thing. I had to pick myself up and go to the supermarket. I must have looked very strange in line when I had to lean on the icecream box not to fall over. But I manage to get most of the things I needed. I don't really believe in garlic but I do in fruit so I bought tons of it. Back home I could only eat a little...But I try to look positive on it, it's better to be sick now and be well again for the weekend when I have two weddings. The bitchy things about having headaches and fever is that I can't really work. This is the first time during the day I really sit in front of the computer. I'm going crazy here...I need to feel like I at least did something productive today so I decided to upload some model pictures I took at the end of April. I hope you like!
Make-up and hair: Camilla J├Ânsson (http://www.camillajonsson.se/) Model: Linda, Sweden Models and assistant Karin Winblad.We were also was lucky to borrow some clothes from my friend and stylist Emilie Lantz.

Part 1

Part 2

22 May 2012


Today I ran out of luck...I knew it was just a matter of time before I did.

21 May 2012


There was not a cloud on the sky today and the air was filled with a wonderful scent of flowers. Even if it was windy it was very warm. I can feel that Summer is just around the corner and even if it will be a crazy one work wise I feel so at peace. My life has this last month been filled with so much joy. I have had many exciting photoshoots, developed as a photographer, I have met awesome people I had not seen in like forever, met new awesome people, been on adventures abroad, I have had my first real coffee ever, seen three sunrises before going to bed and I have rediscovered butterflies.... On top of this, last Saturday I met up with some of my favourite girls. We had great Italian food at a place here in town and after some of us went for drinks. As much as I like to plan photoshoots I also enjoy snapshots. While we where all sitting there together I took some portraits...I like to call them party-portraits. (thank you Ida for the one of me)

14 May 2012


Everything is constantly changing, what was good will be bad and what was bad will be good. It's a comfort when your feeling low but when your feeling on top of the world it's kind of scary to know that it's just a matter of time before it all goes away. My sister is trying to teach me to enjoy every moment and not think to much about the past and the future, to try to be as present as possible. But there is just something beautiful and bittersweet to live in the past, to remember what has just happened. I tell people that I have the memory of a goldfish and that the camera is my way of remembering. I just came back from a short holiday in Budapest and I'm so happy that I brought my canon. The pictures themselves are not mind blowing but the memories that I connect them with are. Madde thank you so much for making me laugh until I cry and for being such a wonderful friend and a great partner in crime...

9 May 2012

Fashion Baby!

I'm getting more and more interested in doing fashion. I still see myself as a portrait photographer but fashion is a lot of fun, especially if you have the luck to work with talented people. These pictures are from a photoshoot last Sunday. The idea was to flirt with the 60's but with a modern and romantic approach. Maria Lashari did a great job on the styling. She had picked some beautiful clothes from Acne and Rodebjer. I'm personally in love with the jacket (Rodebjer) which you can find in stores right now. It was the first time I photographed Clara-Marie (Sweden Models) and she really kicked as. I think she is very beautiful, she's like a mix of Doutzen Kroes & Frida Gustavsson. Jenny Beckman did a wonderful job on the make-up and Emma Gayga created the beautiful curly hair. Thank you all for great teamwork!

4 May 2012


Last year I photographed the Swedish rock/pop/country group Calaisa. In an old quarry I took press photos that would also be used for their third and latest record Up to us (just released). It was cold and windy but luckily not rainy. The original idea was to photograph them one by one for the cover but in the end they picked one of the group photo. If your curious of their music you should go to www.calaisa.com. There you will also see some of the photos that I took, but I didn't put the yellow/red layer on them. I like them more as black and white...
Styling: Emilie Lantz (Special thanks to Spirit for lending the black dresses)  Make-up & hair: Jenny Beckman Assistants: Mi Tjio & Jenny Ljunggren Behind the scenes photos: Jenny Ljunggren