28 Sep 2012

Alexander Habesland ( Milan)

It has been raining for days now, the leaves are changing colours and I have changed my thin blanket to the thicker one that I use for winter. Last night I even put on my wool socks while retouching. Fall is here and I already miss the Summer who hardly came at all. I'm happy for the week I recently got in the sun in Italy, it was very needed. During my stay in Milan I met the gorgeous model Alexander Habesland for a portfolio shoot. He is also a photographer and you will find his work at : http://alexanderhabesland.com/ I think he is brilliant both as a model and as a photographer. It was more fun than I thought to photograph men, I will defenitly do it soon again!
Here are some of the best pictures from out shoot in a park in the QT8 area.

24 Sep 2012


(between Italy and Denmark)

22 Sep 2012


Last year I and Mikael Leijon took photos for a design book called Fixa barnrummet for Ica förlag. It shows how you easily can decorate / transform rooms for children in different ages. Finally the book is out on the market and I can't wait to get a copy in my hands. Klick on this link to do a test reading or to buy it ;)

21 Sep 2012


Time, you pass so fast when I need you to stand still, but I forgive you because you give me wisdom in return. I can see the lines on my face are getting more defined, I'm getting the same laughing wrinkles around my eyes as my father. But the biggest change is the one that is below the surface. I would not say that I have changed that much since I was a little girl. I'm still stubborn, energetic, talkative but I am more sure of what I want. I'm hungry for change and adventure and I daydream as often as I can. I don't spend everyday as it was the last one, that would lead to early self destruction, but I keep in mind that sooner or later it will all come to an end and I challenge both my heart and mind. I put myself in situations that make life more complicated because it makes me feel more alive. Now and then you run into someone unordinary, who seems to not be than different from yourself, that share some of the same visions and thoughts of life, even the same passion. It makes me feel less lonely and more sure of myself and my choices. There are so many unwritten rules about life, we live so much in the eyes of others. You need strength and courage to dare to be different. I think so much less of what other thinks now and I thank time for this.
Today I came back from one week in Italy. I have been looking forward to this trip for some time and now that it's over it leaves me feeling empty and hungry for more. I have done so many things in such a short amount of time. Besides working, which was the main reason I went to Italy, I have listen to a friend play music at a market in Milan, swam in the ocean in Livorno, been called la forza by a fortune teller, had pizza like everyday, tested vine at a vine tasting in Florence, fallen in love with what I saw of Tuscany, ridden an "Italian" motorbike and been supriced by the feeling of freedom it brought, gotten to really know someone sitting on a park bench in the dark, thrown some rules out the window, saved a fly from drowning in my glass of vine, gotten more than 30 mosquito bites, seen the sun colour the ocean blood red while it went down, taken three trains, seen three fashion shows at the Milan fashion week, had a beautiful shoot with a male model and seen the most amazing shapes of clouds from above.

Milan Saturday
 Florence vine tasting Sunday

La dolce vita with Luca
Looking up
5D...is there anything else?
By Luca. Go to http://gianlucalabruna.tumblr.com/ to find his photography work

Sleepy man

Arriving in Livorno just as the sun sets
Monday...like kidz
Little piece of heaven
Being spoiled
Being even more spoiled
My new darlings, may we have many adventures together

There is a first time for everything
Train through Tuscany

I forgot my book in Milan so I spent 4 hours thinking, dreaming, writing and sketching in my notebook on the train back to Milan

Milan / Tuesday / Work / Fashion
The office cat
Old lady
Mila Schön Spring/Summer 2013
A kind of photographer I never want to be

By Reina
Walking around with Reina
I'm spoiling myself
Shooting with model/photographer Alexander Habesland in Milan. Find his work at http://www.facebook.com/alexanderhabeslandphotography

 Going home