13 Mar 2012

Natalie Cécile Coquand

Natalie is a Swedish Dj from Gothenburg who now lives in Malmö. Together with Johan Hagen she creates Hagen & Cécile. Just recently she was named Dj of the week in Gothenburg and I look forward to hear them play this weekend in Malmö. Are you curious of this beautiful duo? Go to http://hagenandcecile.tumblr.com/ There you will find more info about them and where you will be able to catch them play music.

6 Mar 2012

Mi and the enchanted light

If you have seen my photos before you have definitely seen this girl more than once. Her name is Mi and she is one of my best friends. She is also one of my absolute favorite models to shoot. She just has that thing that I love, she is fierce and soft at the same time. Maybe it's because she is also an artist (www.mitjio.com) or the fact that she is a great dancer. Today we went to the park close to where I live. I was freezing cold so we only took photos for like 50 min but during this time I got so many nice photos it's ridiculous. She is wearing a black dress that I found in an secondhand store some years ago in Copenhagen and a hat that I bought just yesterday for only 3 E. I love finding things on sale or at secondhand stores. I don't mind the fact that someone else used to wear it, on the contrary I like the fact that it has history, a story that I will never know. And I also think that we are consuming too much new material already. I think you can see that I have a great love for nature in my pictures. I find it precious and we need to treasure it more than we do today. Since I was little I have been very afraid to loose my eyes. I still remember when my teacher in first class told me that you should be carful because you only got two eyes and if you damage them you will not be able to see ever again. In a way that is how I look at the world, except that there is only one...so no second chances.


4 Mar 2012

Piazzale del Cimitero Monumentale

For some strange reason that I don't know I like to visit old cemeteries when I'm travelling. I was in Milan a year ago and that's when I saw the Piazzale del Cimitero Monumentale for the first time. I was struck by it's beauty and I can say that I have never seen anything like it. If your ever in Milan you should go and see it. The graves are old, beautiful and magnificent. I so wanted to take pictures there and through a friend I found Mavi (in black) and she introduced me to Ragnhild. I think the girls looked beautiful and I got some really nice images. I'm curious to know which one is your favourite photo...