29 Feb 2012

Fran, Berlin

For those of you who don't know I live in the south of Sweden but a couple of years ago Berlin was my home. I lived in Mitte, on Brunnenstrasse together with my amazing friend Mi. I loved living there and exploring the vivid city. On one of my long walks I found a beautiful cemetery, that like many others in Berlin is falling apart. I thought about having a shoot there but then the long and cold winter came and when it finally became warmer again I had forgotten about the place. But a couple of weeks ago the memory of the place came back to me. I was already going to Berlin with friends for the finnisage of my exhibition Girls so I asked Cymage Models Berlin for a model and I got the lovely Fran. Maria Ehrlich did a great job on hair and make-up ( http://maria-ehrlich.tumblr.com/ )

Neda Stojanovic, Milan

I'm sorry for the silence, I've been bad at updating the blog. For some reason it's just easier to update my facebook site. ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Isabell-N-Wedin-Arty-Farty-Photography/185146198173331 )
I've been out traveling, combining pleasure and business. First I was one week in Milan where I assisted another photographer and had two photo shoots myself. It was a very nice week filled with inspiring events, lovely people and amazing food. Thank you Miyuki for your great hospitality. From Milan I flew to Berlin and two of my best friends came from Sweden. Besides a photo shoot with a German model I also attended my own Finnisage of the Girls exhibition. More people showed up than I thought were gonna and it was a pleasant evening. I've been looking forward to this trip for such a long time that I feel a little bit empty now. I love being back but there is just something about traveling. You live a little bit more, your more present and awake. But the really good thing now is that I have a lot of new photos to play around with. First of all I give you Neda Stojanovic from Crystal Model Agency (winner of Serbias next top model 2011) who I met when I assisted. We went for a walk in a park and the weather was perfect.  I love her look, with the long wild hair and the intense eyes. This is not the last we will see of this stunning girl...


7 Feb 2012

Frame Discovery

Recently I found a very inspiring blog called Frame discovery. I got in contact with the creator Thordur Sveinsson he did an short interview with me. If your curious you should check it out at : http://www.framediscovery.com/2012/02/isabell-n-wedin-interview-fantasy.html 

5 Feb 2012

Self portraits

You might already have seen some of these photos, some might have been posted here and you can see all of them on my homepage, www.isabellnwedin.com (Project-echo) But I do think it could be nice to show them here as well, I hope that I'm not boring you. The hole thing about self portraits started in the year 2005 at my second year at art school in Kristianstad. We had to do a project for the hole last year and back then I was in love with Frida Kahlo. I tried to paint like her, I read about her, I saw movies about her and I even held a class about her. I still like her today, I find her work amazing but I feel like my crush has past. Any way, my favorite teacher told me that maybe I should make a project about myself, like she did her hole life. At first I thought the idea was ridiculous, how could I make interesting art using myself? Now I understand that doing a project about yourself don't really have that much to do with the need to create great art, it has to do about discovering what you have hidden for yourself. That year that I did self portraits, using different media, I for the first time could step outside of myself and see myself as a tool. Like too many girls and young women I was not appreciating what I looked like and I could not understand if someone else did. Today it's different, I will never look like a supermodel but I don't care. I have other qualities that I think are far more important than the way I look. I look back at the girl I was then and I'm happy to see how I have grown. I still have a lot of faults but hey who does not. I'm headstrong, long-sighted and many more things. Any way, I don't paint and draw that much anymore, I've found my way of expressing myself, I love how instant photography is. But I must say that I don't take that many self portraits, only a handful every year. This year I will try to change that because I'm hoping that not that far away in the future I will be able to have an exhibition with self portraits. There is just something very liberating about photographing yourself. I have no problem photographing myself in the nude since I know that I'm in complete power, I decide everything. The only downside is that I have a tendency of being outside the frame or cutting my head or feet of...

1 Feb 2012

Between heaven and hell

Sleep is a behavioral state that is a natural part of every individual’s life. We spend about one-third of our lives asleep. When we close our eyes we all enter different worlds that can be very far from the one we call reality. It's amazing really when you think about it, we have no real control. I dream often about horses that I used to have and I think it's beautiful how I get to travel in time even if it makes me a little bit sad. Then we have the other, kind of strange dreams like last night when I dreamt I had superpowers, I could create fire with my bare hands. Our brain is a magical thing and it works in mysterious ways. I feel a little bit sorry for those who can't dream. There is a hole world inside of us that they are missing.