31 Dec 2014

A pretty good year

So in a few hours we enter a new year filled with both possibilities and obstacles. Looking back I feel that this was the year that things changes around for the better. It was another year that I was tested, where I had to accept thing that was out of my control but I made peace with it. I believe this will make me a stronger person in the future even if I don't appreciate it now. Time leaves it's mark on all of us but it also heals us. I enter this new year with strong legs, a calm heart and a clear mind. I'm curious to see where they will bring me...

29 Dec 2014

First time as a guest!

This year some dear friends of mine got married and I got to attended as a guest for the very first time. I found it quite hard to relax since I am used to be quick on my feet, always chasing perfect photos. I must have photographed more than 75 wedding by now and I really like it. I used compete in show jumping with horses and I get in the same kind of mode when I photograph weddings as when I was about to enter the arena. I'm not nervous but extremely focused and I don't have time to think about anything else. In one way I guess I'm very much in the now and at the same time in a different place. I use up a huge amount of energy when I'm in that mode and I love how exhausted it makes me feel afterwards. It's not an easy thing, photographing weddings and I think it deserves a lot more respect than it gets in Sweden. The american photographer that I assisted in NY said to me that when you know how to photograph weddings well then you can basically photograph anything. I believe that is true because you meet real people who are not used to having their pictures taken, you have to capture their personalities, their love and make them relax. I always want everyone I photograph to feel better afterwards than they did before, that is my golden rule.
In August my friends Emma and Mikke got married in the south of Sweden. They are probably the sweetest couple I know and I was honored to be a guest and of course I just had to take picture of them. It was hard to put the camera away in the evening, after a few glass of wine but luckily I also got a party camera...

28 Dec 2014

Women with hearts of gold

I recently visited my friend Minna who runs the online vintage store Odd Lovin'. She lives in the countryside, in an old rectory together with her husband, daughter and dog. My friend and muse Mi joined us and I took pictures of her in the house, wearing vintage garments and jewelry from the store. I am in love with the house, it's old charm, the decor and I long for the day I will have the same space. 
Here you can see my favorite pictures from the photoshoot. 

Photographer Isabell N Wedin www.isabellnwedin.com