3 Sep 2015


Happy to now be part of online gallery Piqmo!  www.piqmo.com


At the moment I am working like crazy and I feel like the only thing I do is sleep, eat and work. It's exhausting but great at the same time. I have worked hard to reach this point and I feel blessed. There are still a lot of things I dream of and long for but that is my fuel. This year one dream came to true, I got recognition for my art. I create because it's the one thing that confirms my existents, that makes me feel alive. I know it sounds so grand and a bit pretentious but it's true. I believe we all need to find that one thing that makes us ecstatic to be happy. Since I was a little girl I have loved stories, especially those about a dreamlike land far far away. As an adult I still go there, just in another shape...