25 Jul 2011

Siri and the lillys

This beautiful little girl is my youngest niece. Her name is Siri and she is a little force of nature. In this photos we are playing around in my parents garden. I like how the colors turned out and that I for once was able to take a picture where she is not running all over the place or making funny faces.

22 Jul 2011


love love love dancing crazy beautiful

19 Jul 2011

Bella and the magic garden

I see myself as a portrait photographer who flirts with fashion. It's mainly because I don't think you should shoot fashion if you don't know it very well. There are so many photographer out there who call themselves fashion photographers but you can really tell that they don't know what they are doing. As I have written before I grew up in a small town where there wasn't any people that could inspire you fashion wise. Growing up I had no taste what so ever and It wasn't until I moved to Berlin 2 years ago that I really got interested in fashion. Suddenly I was surrounded by these people who really inspired me and in a way guided me. Don't get me wrong I have always loved reading Vogue, Elle and other magazines. Today I totally adore LOVE. My dream is to one day shoot for that magazine. I'm planning on doing photoshoots now that are more towards style, make-up and fashion. What you see in this post was really going to be a portrait shoot but when Bella (model/DJ) showed up in that crazy/beautiful make-up and with a bag full of cool things it kind of became something else. She is incredibly tall and slim, has a wonderful, outgoing personality and she has without a doubt a creative soul who has no boundaries. You just gotta love that...

Part 1

Part 2

15 Jul 2011

Find me on facebook!!

On this blog I show a lot of pictures from photoshoots but I update my facebook more often. So if you are curios about what I'm doing or recently have done you should LIKE Arty Farty on facebook. There I post the latest new and photos...Go to the address below or search for Isabell N Wedin / Arty Farty Photography. Hope to see ya!


2 Jul 2011

The birds

Imagine being a bird, being able to fly where you want, having complete freedom. I have a bird tattoo on my shoulder, that's as close as I get.