27 Apr 2016


After spending 10 nights on Bali we were off to Brisbane where we would start our road trip down the east coast. As I mentioned before I took a cooking class in Ubud and besides me and my friend there was also a family from Australia. We had such a wonderful time, sharing stories about our countries, eating delicious food and laughing. We were happy to learn that they were from Brisbane and we asked for any tip on where to go and what to see. The wonderful mother named Kylie offered to take us around and that was the first time we got to experience the kindness of Aussie people. The first day in Brisbane we explored on our own, we went to museums and the trend of second breakfast started. My first impression was how fresh the air was compared to Bali and then how expensive it was. Day two we went on a small road trip with Kylie and her daughter, we stopped for wine and cheese, which is my version of heaven. We went to see friends of the family who feed theses beautiful birds in their backyard. For reasons I don't know I have always been drawn to these animal, as you can see in my blogposts. Back in Brisbane again I had a love shoot with Kylie's other daughter and her boyfriend. We took the pictures in the Botanical garden just as the sun went down. Suddenly the sky was filled with these giant bats. I guess if you grow up in Australia they are just like any other animals but I was mesmerized by these beautiful creatures, so exotic. The following day me and Madde hit the road again, this time to make a short 24 h stop at Surfers Paradise. After spending the first part of the trip by doing yoga, cycling and just chilling between shoots we decided to go all in. In a bar I noticed a group of people that looked like they where having a great time. When one of the guys spotted me watching them he waved his hand for me to come over. The curiosity won over my inner swedish mentality and I went over. It turned out that they were all deaf but surprisingly it was not that hard to communicate just using your phone and reading lips. We spent the hole evening with these people and has such a good time. I love that about traveling, that you never know what's going to happen or who your gonna meet, there is a surprise waiting around every corner. These days when you can google pictures of basically  everywhere in the world I feel like it's people that we can discover. After that quick visit we continued our journey south to Byron Bay. People had told me I was gonna love it and they were right. It's relaxed, beautiful beaches, beautiful people, my kind of fashion and bohemian. We ended up staying so many night that we didn't have time to stop any other place along the way but had to go straight to Sydney. This was the second time we got to experience the hospitality of the Aussies. A few months earlier I had met Suz at a photography event in Stockholm called Way up north. We didn't meet for long at all but she opened up her home to us, even gave us her master bedroom. It's wonderful when you meet people who share your own philosophy on things. Sadly she was away on New Zealand and we only saw each other on our last evening. Also staying at the house was Esme, a brilliant british photographer. For three days we hung out, went to Blue mountains, took photos and checked out the nightlife. She also tagged along for my loveshoot with a couple that are getting married in Sweden later this year, so exited about that one. And one of the coolest things is that Emse is coming to see me this summer in Sweden to be the second shooter at that couple's wedding. I'm looking forward at getting to know this awesome woman even more. On our last evening we had such a wonderful dinner with Suz and her husband, they are the kind of people you feel like you have known a long time, so easy going and with big hearts. Both me and Madde really liked Australia but at the same time we were looking forward in finally arriving in New Zealand, a place we both were very exited to explore.

Being artsy in Brisbane

Road trip with Kylie and her daughter


Freaking adorable 

Love shoot in The Botanical garden


I Love mexican food!

On the greyhound bus, heading south

One of the few images I took at Surfers Paradise 

Byron Bay

I got lucky!

This showed up on the road during a hike...more than 1 m long

The beaches are just incredible 

Photoshoot with Madde

Photographing bags for www.hinza.se at the beach in Byron Bay

SYDNEY! On our way to the Blue mountains with Emse

Blue mountains, a place a have been dying to see since I discovered the photographer Nirrimi

Esme is a brilliant photographer, have a look at her work here: https://www.facebook.com/Esme-Mai-Photography-207425986106314/

Exploring Sydney

Me and my "student"

After spending a lot of time on almost empty beaches I was stressed by the amount of people everywhere 

Photographing bags for Hinza at Manly beach in Sydney

When your wedding couple is so beautiful that you have to use them for advertisement too. 

Love shoot with Matilda & John that are getting married in Sweden this summer

The house cat

Dinnertime! Madde made her famous dessert

Breakfast with these lovely ladies! How cool is it that two of them are photographers and one is an aspiring photographer. I love meeting people who shares the same passion as me. Find Suz amazing work at: http://www.loveandstuffphotography.com/