29 Jun 2017


I had heard good things about Port St Johns so I was surprised when I was the only one from the bus going in that direction but there was also a part thrilled by this. After waiting three hours for my shuttle I was picked up and taken to Jungle Monkey where I would spend three nights. One the way there we drove through a thunderstorm and it was beautiful. I arrived in the dark and it was exiting to wake up and explore the surroundings. There was green everywhere and once again I was amazed by the changing landscape of this country. I didn't know how I would spend my days there and I went to find out about the different activities. That's when I learned that this in not really a place to go when it's low season. I found out that without a car I didn't have much options at all and I was starting to regret my decision to go there. My heart was still telling me to return to Cape Town and I felt lost. But then I met Alun at the bar at the hostel. We started chatting and it was so nice, he's a funny guy and my mood shifted again. Lucky for me he had a car so one of the evenings we went up on the highest hills in the area and admired the view together. I also went on a guided hike with a local boy and we talked a lot about life in this area and he told me that two of his friends had been killed by sharks. Since I knew that this area is knows for this I never went into the water. I know that the odds of me dying in a traffic accident is much higher but I didn't feel like pushing it. On my last evening at the hostel I met a young german couple, Lena and John and when I told them I was going to The Southern Drakensberg next they thought it sounded amazing. The next morning we decided to go together and once again I found myself blown away by kindness. I was happy to be able to skip two shuttles and also gained two new friends. It was like we had know each other for a long time and I hope to see them in Sweden in the future.