29 Nov 2009

Berlin by night

I'm divided between the need of silence and peacefulness, that I only find surrounded by mother nature and the need to be where things happens. I'm constantly having a problem to decide where to be. Right now I love living in Berlin. It's a wonderful and vivid city and I feel like I belong here. I love meeting new people and I truly am addicted to dancing. In NY I took a lot of photos during my nights out, that can be found on my website www.isabellnwedin.com and now the turn has come to Berlin. These pictures below are fragments of my life here, in a city where everyday is a dancing day...


19 Nov 2009

LilErik's album cover

This is the album cover of the Swedish rapper, LilErik's, first record. I took pictures of him a couple of moths ago and I just found out what the album looks like. And I got to say that I love the look of it. The designer did a great job!

Wanna listen to the music? Visit http://www.myspace.com/svennenr1


17 Nov 2009

Introducing Em

This is Em, my new partner in crime. You will be seeing a lot of her in the future on this blog. She is right now working as an assistant for a stylist here in Berlin. Together we have a lot of projects going on and you will shortly see some examples of our work together. As I have written before I am not a fashion photographer but I enjoy shooting it when I have Em by my side. Her sense for style is beautiful, smart and vivid. It's such a nice feeling when you meet someone with the same vision as yourself...


12 Nov 2009

When I went to art-school several years ago I began to look at images in a new way. Before going I tried to make images that other people would like. It didn't really matter if I left my mark on them, or if I even liked them that much. But art-school changed that and it made me realize that what matters, is that you find the beauty in what you do. That's why I haven't shown a painting since the grad-show in 2006. I don't want people to look at them, they are for my eyes only. When I do photography it's different in the way that, I get to make art together with someone that I find interesting, intriguing or that I just simply happen to love. I believe that this is one of the main reasons to why I photograph people. It's the interaction and the accidental, the fact that things I can't imagine just happens. I recently realized that I have the tendency to adapt myself to my objects. What I mean is that, of course I have my own personal style but I don't narrow myself down and make it the only expression during a shoot. It's more important to be aware of the person you're shooting and the kind of energy he or her provides, the rest will follow. Susan, in the images below has a very delicate and quiet character which leaves you with the desire of wanting to know more. I'm in love with her red hair and her pail skin. She truly is beautiful...


3 Nov 2009

Pictures of Sondre Lerche

Go to the site written down below to see my photos featured in an interview with musician Sondre Lerche!