23 Sep 2011


I spent 2 weeks of August in Italy. Most of the time I stayed in a super hot Milano but for a couple of days I went to the countryside to visit my friend Luigi. Hi's family owns a castle from (I think) the 1700 century in a place called Chesuola. It was so wonderful and peaceful there, like cotton for your soul. I had no access to internet and my phone died, but you don't need any of those things when you are in the company of good friends. It was also nice to get some time to think and reflect. This Summer I worked almost every weekend, leaving not so much time to do anything. This was definitely one of the best moments of my Summer and I wish I could travel back in time...

18 Sep 2011


Shame on me. It's been a long time since I posted something on this blog. To make it up I will post one photo everyday now for a week starting with Clara. She's probably the most professional model I ever photographed and she is truly drop dead gorgeous.

1 Sep 2011

First day of another season

Today is the first of September, autumn is here. Still you can feel the breath of Summer but you know it's just a matter of time before it's totally gone. But it's not autumn I fear, it's winter. I fear the cold, the silence of nature and the Nordic darkness. Oh summer, you came and went to fast, how will I live without you...