28 Feb 2013

While she was somewhere being free...

There's a man who's climbed a mountain and he's calling out her name
And he hopes her heart can hear three thousand miles
He calls again
He can think her there beside him, he can miss her just the same
He has missed her in the forest, while he showed her all the flowers
And the branches sang the chorus, as he climbed the scaley towers
Of a forest tree
While she was somewhere being free
(Joni Mitchell, Cactus Tree)

27 Feb 2013


If there is something I know that's sure about life, it's that most of the time you can't control the outcome of it. You are like a passenger on a train without a clear destination that stops at the most unexpected places. You have to make plans in life but also be able to accept when things interferes with them. Along the way you meet people and you also leave some behind. Like most people I love beginnings and hates endings. In the last years I have gotten better at leaving things behind without it breaking my heart but traveling still fills me with both joy and sadness. Most of the time I feel some kind of anxiety when I have to pack my bags and return to whatever place I call home at the moment.
I just came back from a long and needed vacation, first I spent 2 weeks in a springlike Italy with my beautiful Lu and then I stopped in Berlin for a couple of days to meet with my dear friends Gerry and Manuel. I 2010 I called Berlin home and I lived there almost one year. I have been back many times but this weekend was the first time I could walk around in the city without feeling melancholic, in a way it felt like Berlin was this former lover and that we could finally be friends. 
I love the excitement of traveling, especially fantasizing of how it will be, the experiences and how you are hoping for pleasant surprises along the way. This trip definitely had it's highs and it's lows. A sickness stopped me from visiting Rome, which was the only thing I really had planned during my stay in Italy. Since I am a stubborn woman I know that in a near future I will make sure I get to go there. I guess you could say that me and Italy is a little bit like a love story. It just keeps me coming back for more and more. They say that opposites attracts and that is definitely the case here. But how can I not love something that is so beautiful in many ways, the weather, the light, the food, the wine and the warmness I felt in the people I have met. I don't understand the language and I wish I did but sometimes all you need is body language. I leave you with those lines and instead I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 



I thought that the nordic people could stand cold better than the latin but I was proved wrong over and over again...

I guess there is only one word that suits Lu here...magnifico

Simple is sometimes the most wonderful thing

By Lu

Livorno by night

Karneval sweets

I asked Lu what his favorite thing was that I had cooked for him so far and he said pancakes. I must make some pretty 
kick-ass pancakes! And yes mother I make them just like you taught me.

Maya give me the starving look, she has the most beautiful eyes.


I wish it was just as easy for humans to find new friends like it is for dogs.  

Sitting in the sun, eating something delicious, with someone you like is simply beautiful.

Dinner party at the house

Denise and Marco. Marco plays in the band Bad love experience and I definitely think you should check them out at: http://www.badlovexperience.com/

Apparently Mussolini planned to built a monument in the hills of Livorno. It never got finished but it provides
 the most amazing view over the city. I'm pretty sure your not allowed to go up there but what is life without a litte bit of adventure.

I'm not a coffe girl but I have no problem doing shoots...

The motorbike boy

I have gotten more and more relaxed on the motorbike and now I can even make photos while riding it.

We went far with the motobike and stopped at this bella place that I have already forgotten the name of.

In the center of Livorno

On my way to Milan for work. This country is so breathtaking...

At work in the Maria Calderara studio in Milan. http://www.mariacalderara.it/index1.html

In Milan we stayed with the awesome photographer and videomaker Giacomo  http://www.giacomofavilla.com/

Good morning Milano!
 Lu is with iphone since a couple of weeks and I can say that he really really likes it...

By Lu on the way back to Livorno http://www.gianlucalabruna.com/

The last day was so grey...

Like my mind...


I stayed for 3 night at my friends Manu and Gerry's place at Friedrichstrasse

For some reason I have always been very interested in animals prints in the snow

Cuties! Manu is a photographer and Gerry just started out as a fashion designer. To see their work go to:http://manoloty.blogspot.se/ and http://gertruddesign.blogspot.se/

I just love my fortune cookies 

By Gerry at a cafe, I had hot chocolate 

We went to some galleries...some things you just don't get

At the house

Gerry at her studio

 I went to 3 parties in one night with these lovely ladies

It snowed like crazy!

Birthday flowers