24 Apr 2012

Ida & Chippen

I love horses, always have and always will. There is something magical about being able to control such a big and powerful animal. These days I don't have a horse of my own but I do have a wonderful cousin with two. When I go back and visit my home town we sometimes go for a ride in the woods. I love the feeling of freedom, the speed, the sound and the scent. My last horse was called Con Air and when she got nervous, which happened often, I could feel her heartbeat through the saddle. That was a sign that I should really hold on because something bad was about to happen. She is also the reason why I have a porcelain tooth. During an accident she kicked me in the face. She was a bit crazy but I loved her. It broke my heart when we sold her but my mind was made up, I was moving to go to photography school. I had discovered another passion that I needed to explore...

13 Apr 2012

Love is in the air

Ahead of me a got a time that's going be filled with love. How do I know this? Because I have more than 20 weddings to photograph this spring and summer. It's quite hard to photograph weddings, harder than you might think. There is the pressure of getting it right because there is no second chance and also the challenge to capture the love and passion between two people you just met. I used to do show jumping with horses on a high level some years ago and I loved the adrenaline I got from it. Photographing weddings is in a way a similar feeling to competing. I have to be in the moment and aware of everything that happens around me. One couple once asked me what I wanted my wedding to be like and I didn't know what to reply because I've never really thought about it. My parents are not married and It's never really been on my mind. Well I guess first I have to find someone that I even could think of marrying and then I will take it from there. I think marrying someone is a beautiful thing and I love the positive feeling I got after I've photographed one. Seeing all these people who have found someone that they want to share their life and dreams with is inspiring. But then I guess I'm kind of a sucker for romance, I just saw the the latest twilight film...twice  in a row.

10 Apr 2012

Ina (Part 1)

About a week ago I got my 5D Mark III and I'm taking a lot of photos right now just to get to know her before this weekend when I have a big wedding. One of these photo shoots was with the lovely Swedish girl Ina. I discovered her at Burger King during a local festival last year. I'm very glad to have done this because not only does she look stunning, she also knows what kind of graceful movements I'm looking for. Since spring has taken a stupid pause it was freezing but Ina was such a fighter and didn't complain at all. I styled her myself with two of my second hand findings. I found the white wedding dress in a store in Berlin and I have almost used it too much. I bought the dressing gown last week at Humana in Malmö. I love that store, great prices and beautiful clothes. To complete the look I added some of my many rings. I collect them and every time I travel somewhere I buy at least one. I like the feeling of carrying pieces of the world on my fingers. I call this post part 1 because there will be more photos of her wearing black instead. But for now you just have to do with the white once...