23 Aug 2010

Johannes the actor

This, my blog reading friends is a Berlin based actor. His name is Johannes Suhm and I had the opportunity to take his portrait just before I left Berlin for a summer in Sweden. It was sort of a last minute thing but I'm glad I got the chance to get to know Johannes. He is such a nice person, a smile never seems far away. And the thing I really love about shooting actors is that they know just that, how to act.
Johannes has a lot on his resume. From 2000 to 2003 he studied acting at the Otto Falckenberg schule in Munich and it was after that he got his first roles in movies and began to play theater. Since then he has appeared in several roles in films, television movies and television series. He has done some hear books and synchronization. I guess your could say the whole spectrum of the work as an actor. Wanna know exactly what he starred in? Check out his website at:



18 Aug 2010

Tassili and the dogs (Marrakesh)

Last spring, when Berlin still was winter-cold, me and my boyfriend first visited his hometown Milan and then spent two lovely weeks in Marrakesh. It was my second time in Morocco but my first time in the old city. Earlier on this blog I have posted pictures from the town. This time it's Tassilis turn. We stayed with friends of his family that has a house in the new parts. In the back-garden I took these pictures. Of course the cute dogs Pongo and Hugo, had to be in some of the photos. They were actually more willing than Tassili, who I guess gets a little bit tired of the fact that he has to model for me as much as he do. But that's what you get for being in a relationship with a portrait photographer.


14 Aug 2010

My pictures in an article

I had the pleasure last year, of taking photos of the amazing sing and songwriter JBM. Just recently some of those pictures were published in an article. Wanna check it out? Go to:

1 Aug 2010


I first saw this girl in the local supermarket like a year ago. I was strucked by her exotic look, not often found in a small, Swedish town. Not only has she a beautiful and interesting look, she is also super tall. When I approached her a couple of weeks ago I learned that her name is Melissa and that she is only 15-years old. This is her very first real photo shoot and I must say that she did brilliant. I was going for a soft, feminine and summery feeling. I used two of my favorite things, flowers and sunlight. I haven't been in a studio for more than a year. In a way I miss it even if I love to use the light that nature supplies. I guess it all comes down to the need of variety.
Without variety life would be extremely boring.