21 Mar 2010

Medina, Marrakech

Walking around in the Medina, the oldest part of Marrakech, is like walking around in a jungle. You could easily get lost but luckely I'm with a person who knows every corner. There's things going on everywhere and the experience is very intense. If your not looking at grafts your looking at people.

20 Mar 2010

Essaouira, Morocco

This is a fishing village 3 hours from Marrakech. I went there to swim in the ocean and eat fresh fish by the water.

17 Mar 2010

Published in Radar Magazine

Recently I was interview by the photographer Caroline Johansson for the web based swedish magazine Radar Magazine. Caroline is a friend of mine and she also runs a blog that you will find at http://carolinia.blogspot.com. I was aked three questions and you will find the result at:



Traveling pics from Marrakech

I don't consider myself to be a good travel photographer but that doesn't mean that I think I am bad at it. I just have an issue with photographing people without them knowing it. It doesn't make it easier that I am in a country where they get very mad if they catch you taking a portrait of them. I am traveling with my boyfriend, who is also a photographer and he loves street photography and I believe that he in a way sees photographing the people in Marrakech without their knowledge as a hunt aswell. The other day we got involved in a heavy argument after he got caught photographing a girl. The father the daughter was furious and tried to pull the camera away from him. More and more people came and there where at least 10 men around us. My boyfriend was forced to erase the hole memory-card on his G10 before they let us go and then they were still screaming about the police. This left me shaky and reminded me about the fact that I like photographing people that knows about it. But since I would unlikely get the permission to take their portrait I have been forced to adapt and now I have a technique that makes it impossible to think that I am taking pictures. You could say I shoot from the hip and even thou 95 % turns out really bad there are still some that doesn't. The images of people in the pictures below are results of this.

7 Mar 2010

On the road...

I have been bad at updating the blog lately. There has been so many things going on and there still are. Right now I am in Milano and tomorrow I will be in Marrakech. So what I am saying is that I am gonna keep on being bad at updating but when it happens I believe that it is gonna be awesome.