21 Nov 2013

Armor of feathers (Self portrait)

It's when darkness has fallen that the most creative sides of me comes out. That is when my mind and heart comes together to create things I didn't know existed. I have always been a bit slow to understand things about myself and I am a dreamer. I don't feel a need to document what I see, I want to document what I feel. If this means I will not change the world that is fine with me. I'm sensitive and even if it's not always to an advantage in life I have to embrace that side of myself. Still I like to face things straight on even if it mean more pain. I think that is how you should deal with life to be able to keep your dignity. I have come to know a few cowards and I have promised myself to never be like them. I'm strong minded and far from perfect. I would just like to try to keep some of the pureness I still got left in a world that get's colder and colder...

No sound but the wind (self portrait)

We can never go home, we no longer have one
I'll help you carry the load, I'll carry you in my arms
The kiss of the snow, the crescent moon above us
Our blood is cold and we're alone but I'm alone with you

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Help me to carry the fire
It will light our way forever

Editors No sound but the wind

17 Nov 2013

The sacrifice

I thought I was the answer but I was the obstacle and silently I stepped aside. Like a dog I licked my wound, waiting for the time when I could express what I went through. It's like an ugly shadow that follows me around but one day soon I will be free from you. You will just be a faded thing and I will shake my head, not understanding how you could steal so much time. Until then...

15 Nov 2013

Winter ghosts (self portrait)

By the window up in the bedroom
I can hear the storm come
From many roads away
And it brings the night

Once I knew you
Lay my head upon your lap
Once I knew you
In your eyes a calming light
Once I knew you
And your hand upon my back
Once I knew you
In a life ain't coming back

Winter Ghosts JBM

14 Nov 2013

A life without love is like a year without summer

I have no idea how it suddenly became November. I just realized that there are hardly any leaves on the trees anymore and I have to wear a thicker jacket. I have photographed my least wedding for this year and looking back I think I have gotten to know 18 beautiful and kick-as couple. I can't describe the joy it brings me to capture true happiness, to be part of a celebration of love. During the ceremonies this year I had to more than once fight tears from coming. There is a Swedish saying that goes A life without love is like a year without summer. I think that is one of the most beautiful things I have heard.
I spend most of my days editing photos, creating books and making slideshows for my wedding couples. Time flies when you are in a bubble of work. I have been starting to think a little bit of where I want to travel in feb or march. I dream of Iceland, San Francisco and Bali...we will see where my impatient heart and mind takes me.

Here are four pretty wonderful couples that I got to know this summer...
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