17 May 2017

DAY 10-12 // CHINTSA

I have been silent here on the blog for a while for different reason but the main one is that I am working and since I have been back there have been more to do that I could have predicted. Today with so many channels to maintain this one is the one I use when I feel I have the time and passion for it. I will continue with my travel blog since there are a few more places I'd like to share with you from South Africa, there will just not be that much text after the Chinsta post. I will do what I do best, let the pictures speak for themselves. If you want to keep up with me I highly recommend that you follow me on INSTAGRAM


I left the magical forest behind and headed towards the coast and Chinsta. There I stayed two nights since the bus would not leave the following morning of my arrival. After having sunshine for weeks it was refreshing to have a grey sky and moody weather. I think I am too scandinavian for not having seasons, I crave the change. I just wished that the winter in Sweden was shorter and the summer was longer. In Chinsta I once again had my own room, I shared a kitchen and bathroom with two Germans and an American. The American just started traveling at an age of 50 and he told me how he wished he had started sooner, I could tell he too had been bitten by the travel bug. Germans are really everywhere and South Africa seems to be one of those countries you do just likes Swedes go to Thailand. During my hole backpacking I only met two other Swedes, both men and I am wondering why that is. I know a lot of people are afraid of traveling through South Africa but just as anywhere you have to be street smart. In Chinsta my cold got even worse and I decided to just allow myself to take it easy. I did long walks on the beautiful beach and even booked a massage which was wonderful. I took one of my favorite self portraits in Chinsta. I had noticed these black bird flying around and I thought it was beautiful since back home it just common seagulls everywhere. Previously on this trip I have tried to have a concept behind the self portraits but in Chinsta I just felt drained of ideas. So I started jumping and running and in one of the pics it looked like I was taking off I decided that was the one. This made me think of how birds just can go where ever they want in a second and I wished I was one of them. I experienced some sadness during my days in Chinsta and I think that images captures that, me trying to escape the gloomy beach and state of mind. It's a bittersweet thing, this being able to feel so much, I am in a constant love hate relationship with it. I kind of kept to myself in Chinsta, I started feeling a bit socially overdosed after my last stops. I know that is kind of hard to believe when you know me but I spend most of my days normally alone.