30 Jun 2016


This is the place I called home for a long time, a place where I took my first steps and where I always felt safe and cared for. As the years have gone by I've watched my family grow and grow and these days I am an aunt to five lovely children. I love these summer evenings when we get together and socialize, eat and play. Hönholma is truly a wonderful place!

26 Jun 2016

Midsummer 2016

My two favorite holidays are Christmas and Midsummer. If Christmas is all about spending time with my family then Midsummer is all about the friends. I celebrated it with the same wonderful gang of people as last year. This year we spent two days in Filip's childhood home in Örkelljunga. During two days we ate a lot of food, probably drank too much alcohol, sunbathed, played games and twice we tried to escape the heat in a lake nearby. It most certainly was a fun and chilled weekend and today I feel a bit tired but happy. 

Leaving Malmö!

The mansion

Beautiful Chanel 

Making flower wreath is a tradition 

Headed to the quarry

The gang

An Örkelljunga ragger maybe?

Thank you Catrin for this one

Emma and her sausage

Mikke is enjoying the corn...

Snaps songs

Quiz walk

When the sun went down I put my 5D away and the pocket camera came out to play

The finish fire dance

Morning rain

Chanel loves playing kubb

We finished the midsummer celebration with Swedish pizza