24 Nov 2010

Bella by Bella

Winter has arrived in Malmö and it's quite cold. But that has of course not stopped me from taking pictures outdoors of people with not so much clothes on. That is one of the worst things about this country. The weather could be a lot nicer so that my models didn't have to freeze their asses of as often as they do. This time it was the super tall and beautiful Bellas turn. We spent around 2 hours taking pictures by the sea and in a park.

When she's not modeling for me or someone else she runs this cool and entertaining blog that you will find at http://www.jesushasherpes.blogspot.com/ Check it out!


4 Nov 2010

Hello new image size

Most of the time when I take pictures I like to keep it simple and small. Very often it's just me and the model. Sometimes I do her makeup and hair but usually she does it herself. Often I don't have an assistant but I like it that way. The bigger things get the more pressure there is and the more pressure there is the more I lose my passion for what I do. But of course I also enjoy a challenge and I don't what to say to much right now but I just been asked to take part in something big and I'm excited. Maybe I will tell you more in a near future. Until then I hope you will enjoy these latest pictures of Fanny.