26 Jan 2010

Chiara Dussini

This is Chiara, an italian student living in Berlin. A couple of days ago we walked around in Berlin together and took some photos. I don't live far from the place where the Berlin wall once stood and there is still some of it left. Since I moved here I've been wanting to take a portrait there. I think the concrete wall work well with Chiara who got a beautiful and feminine face. In a way she reminds me a little bit of Helena Christensen.


25 Jan 2010

Berlin by night Part 2

It's wintertime in Berlin and it's several degrees below zero right now. You really just want to stay inside, drink hot tea and talk about life. But at the same time you can hear how the streets are calling you name and soon you find yourself out there discover new music, places and people. Here are some of my recent discoveries...


Style-guide of the month

This is not going to be about photography but it will be about me. A couple of weeks ago I assisted the lovely photographer Lars Borges here in Berlin. He was shooting fashion for the brand Mister*Lady. At the shoot I was asked if I wanted to be the style-guide of the month for brand. Off-course I accepted and I got to do something that I guess is kind of a dream for every girl who loves clothes. I got to go to their store and pick two outfits, that I got to keep. All I had to do was to create two different looks and write about it. Emilie helped me with the styling and then Tassili and Georg turned the text into german. Are you curious about what it looks like? Just go to www.mister-lady.com and look under style-guide. The photo of me is taken by Mi Tjio.


21 Jan 2010

The designer Nene

This is the beautiful designer Marlene "Nene" Fledtblad. She makes wonderful hats under the brand Nene. I have used her hats in several photoshoots, especially for my beauty pictures. You will find her hats at www.nene.nu.

These pictures I took on top of one of Malmös highest buildings. Considering that she is scared of hights and that it was so cold that day in december, I must say she did a wonderful job.


13 Jan 2010

Lella and John in a winter white Sweden

It's not the first time I post photos of my beautiful friend/model Josefine, also known as Lella, and this will definitely not be the last time. She has that kind of beauty that is something more than pretty. Her look is special, interesting and she has an amazing personality to go with it. I also took photos of her brother, John and to me they look very alike. The photoshoot took place in a winter white Sweden and I was happy to get both sun and snow.


6 Jan 2010

Betongfabriken brinner

Betongfabriken brinner is a young man from the south of sweden who sings about life and love in the most beautiful and melancholic way. When I was in Sweden for christmas I met up with the charismatic and a little introvert singer and took his portrait in two very different environments. Since it's my own project I felt free to do whatever I felt like doing. I wanted to make really "cold" pictures and used his ability do disappear into himself and also the snowy ground and the blueish light. For part 2 we went to his fathers factory and did another photoshoot there. I really like the once in the nature but I got a feeling that he might like the once in the factory more. Which one do you prefer?

Wanna hear his music? Visit http://www.myspace.com/betongfabrikenbrinner


Part 1

Part 2