17 Aug 2015


Today is not an ordinary day for me. Today is the day that one of the best photography museums in the world, Fotografiska​, starts selling one of my pictures in their art gallery online. It is a huge step towards my goal to not only be a portrait photographer but also get recognition for my art. Here is a link to the gallery: http://butik.fotografiska.eu/fotokonst/isabelle-n-wedin-ready-for-a-fall.html

10 Aug 2015

Lisa (Sweden models)

This summer is just flying by, so many things I have done and so many things I still want to do. Between my weddings I try to find time to take portraits in the sunset. The light and colors during summer is the most beautiful I know.
Model: Lisa, www.swedenmodels.com
Garments: www.oddlovin.com