27 Jun 2011

Manuel "Manolo Ty" Tysarzik

I'm sorry my friend that it has taken me so long to develop these pictures of you. I still remember the support and kindness you showed me that day in Berlin when I so needed it. After some early drinks we went to sunny Mauerpark, spoke about life's ups and downs, about how there are ends but also beginnings. We took some photos and I realized that no matter how shitty things get no one can take away my creativity. Thank you again for giving me perspective and also for being an awesome Jesus lookalike.
By the way this is the German artist Manuel Tysarzik who is the Creative Director at E2 ART & DESIGN Group. Wanna know more what he does, check out http://manoloty.blogspot.com/

26 Jun 2011

Löve löve and löve

I'm in the middle of wedding season. I have already done five weddings and I have three more to come. I'm a romantic person who believes in the hole loving one person thing. Lately it's been hard since my own relationship ended in May. Sometimes things just doesn't work out even if you want to. For two people to be able to love each other in a similar way and wanting the same things at the same time is so rare. Meeting and photographing all of these beautiful couples who are so in love is a little bit painful but it's also giving me hope and bringing me happiness. Nothing will ever be perfect in this world but having someone there who loves you and will be there for better, for worse is a beautiful thing.


How wonderful isn't this!


11 Jun 2011

A saga moment with Sabine

Right now I'm sitting at home in my apartment in Malmö. It's late and I'm listening to Lykke Li's latest album and I love it. She is just one of those girls who got "it". It's like they never get lost and just knows what's good early on. I on the other hand seems to always be a little bit lost. But when it comes to photography for once I feel like I'm totally right, but it took me a long time to find "it".
I love that I get to meet so many interesting people that gives my life meaning and that I get to see so much beauty. I find women so beautiful, I hardly photograph men because I find it hard to connect with them through the camera. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally into men but they are not magical like women. Sabine in this post has that saga thing going on. She is a Swedish art student that I met last year at a party. I knew that she would be good to photograph but I didn't know that she would kick as! There are so many good photos of her that it's ridiculous. These are my favorites...

8 Jun 2011

The birthday kid

This is Johanna, a classic Swedish beauty that just celebrated her 30th birthday. As a gift her family gave her a photoshoot with me. Here are some of my favorite photos of her...