26 Jun 2012


I live in a country that has not been to war for several hundred years. I think that is the reason why the national day is not really something that you celebrate that much here. If there is any day that we think of as Swedish, it's midsummer eve where we come together to eat traditional food, sing, drink snaps and dance around a flower-tree for ancient reason connected to fertility. I totally understand how strange it must look for foreigners. This year I celebrated midsummer at my cousins place in the countryside. It's very beautiful there and even if it was cold we could not help ourselves from getting into the pool. Thank you Ida and Andy for your great hospitality.

24 Jun 2012


How I wish to find land that has not been taken or trampled on, land where I can find peace and stand still.
The older I get the more impossible it seems to find, I'm starting to think that it does not exist and never will.

11 Jun 2012


It's not often that I plan a hole photoshoot with the goal to get just one picture. In Sweden we celebrate the 1 of May with big bonfires all over the country. Camilla J├Ânsson, who is a great hair stylist and make-up artist came up with the crazy idea to have a photoshoot in front of a fire. I loved the idea and said yes right away. This was to take place in Lund where thousands of people come every year to celebrate this day. With so many people around the fire, many of them drunk, it turned out to be quite a tricky shoot. The model Marika (Sweden Models) was really courageous and how she managed to focus with so many people starring at her was very impressive. When drunk boys started to harass her we thought it be best to get out of there before something bad happened. I got like 15 frames but I knew that there would be one really good one and that would be enough. Since the light was magical that evening, like it was on fire, we also took some extra pictures that you can see here. To get some privacy we hid between some trees. Photographing in park with several thousand of people is an adventure, it's not something I'm planning on doing again, but it was totally worth it to get that one great picture.

8 Jun 2012

Published in #Photography magazine

Some time ago I was contacted by a new British online photography magazine called #Photography magazine. Today I saw the result of my contribution and I really love it! I highly recommend you to have a look at it. There is so much talent and it's very inspiring. They picked two of my absolute favourite photos and I'm exited to see them in a magazine. Click on the link find the site... http://www.hashtagphotographymagazine.com/