30 Dec 2012


I had a good year, a really good year in many ways. I entered 2012 with a heavy heart and a clouded mind, but as spring came I got back on track again. I just can't beleive how fast this year has passed, how it all of a sudden is the end of December. When I think of next year I am exited, I have so much to look forward to. At the same time I am calm which is strange, how can I be both? I'm not going to make any promises for the new year, I just wish I can keep on growing as a photographer and as a person. I hope I never stop to challenge myself and that I never loose my thirst for adventures.

Here are 12 photos from January until December, some photos are new on the blog, some are not. What they all have in common is they all in one way tell the "sense" of my 2012, each one is a feeling. It was good to go through the pictures I have taken this year, they made me remember things I had forgotten...that's why I love photography.

See you next year!














19 Dec 2012

16 Dec 2012

Golden Age issue 12

I love how internet has opened up a hole new world of opportunity to find inspiration, artists and to do networking all over the world. Now and then I look at who's reading my blog and I'm amazed that people from so many places have found it. My top 7 countries are Sweden (first of course) and then USA, Germany, Great Britain, Russia (!), Italy and France. I think writing in English helps a lot even if I know my English is far from perfect. Since I was a little girl I have had problems with spelling and reading and I had a strong need to express myself through images. I saw myself more as a painter until the age of 16 when I took my first class in photography. I loved how instant it was and since I'm an impatient person it suited me well. But it wasn't until I went to photography school at the age of 22 I started doing digital photography. I know that it's cool to do analogue but I just love working with digital, It's the closest I have ever come to combine my passion for photography with my love for painting.
In the beginning I wrote that you can find so much inspiration on the web. Some month ago I stumbled upon Golden Age, a photo magazine that promotes photographers who would like to get their name out there. I really liked it and decided to try to get some of my own published. The other day issue 12 was released with my picture on the cover (!) and also a spread inside the magazine. It made me so happy and I would like to share it with you. If you want to have a look at the issue and all the photographers featured go to http://issuu.com/goldenage/docs/issue12 I really recommend that you do!

Special thanks to the models Sarah, Ina, Marika, Bella and Ida, the make-up & hair artists Jenny Beckman and Camilla Jönsson who helped me to created some of following images.