30 Jul 2012

Remember, dream and live

I feel restless, like I'm missing something. I've had this feeling now for some weeks and I can't really understand it. I try to tell myself that I'm just tired after working hard for a longer time and that it will go away soon. I have more things going for me work wise than I could ever expect and I keep on getting a lot of requests, this makes me very happy.
Last Saturday I photographed at a beautiful wedding just outside Malmö. I have attended a lot of ceremonies but I must say that this one really moved me. I was touched by the priest speech to the couple. He gave them three words to always keep in mind: remember, dream and live. He spook beautifully about the need to remember the past, to dream about the future but to live here and now. I don't think I'm the only one who sometimes feels like there is something more I should be experiencing. What makes me tired is that I know I'm the only one who can make things happen. I feel young and old at the same time. I still feel like I'm searching for something but at the same time I know I found my passion. That is a great comfort to me, that photography came to me quite early and that I turned my interest into work. Sometimes I see it as a job but most of the time I just love doing it so much that I forget it's what pays food and rent. Some say I'm even obsessed with taking pictures but a big part of me thinks that you have to be obsessed to become good. I know I'm good but I want to be better, I want to be excellent. I love that as long as I got my health I will be able to take pictures no matter my age. I like that it's what a create that defines me, not what I look like. Through photography I can create and thereby in a strange way confirm my existence. Suddenly I feel very sleepy, it must be all this analysing... I will get back to you soon with some new pictures.

12 Jul 2012

Billie G

The other day I took portfolio pictures for a Swedish model named Billie. Besides modelling she is also pursuing a singing career. Whit this in mind we tried two different looks to show her versatility. We started of with a soft and feminine look which was easy for me and then we also did a more sexy and raw look which was a challenge but fun. You can find more info about Billie at: http://billieg.blogspot.se

9 Jul 2012

The moth (no photoshop)

I'm only a moth and your this flame, I want you to burn me, your light is pulling me in.
You have conquered my heart, I'm filled with this glow, it's now that my life will begin.

7 Jul 2012

When the music is my heartbeat


5 Jul 2012

Combat Lover

Sometimes I just get bored with being so romantic and arty farty. Then it's a relief to break it of with a studio shoot and some kick-as ladies.  
Styling:Emilie Riise Lantz
Makeup: Jenny Beckman (www.jennybeckman.se)
Model: Gabriela Calheira Diestel (http://jesushasherpes.blogspot.com)

4 Jul 2012

Ida in grandma's dress

I was only 12 when my grandmother Astrid past away. She had been sick for many years and sadly I can't really say that I got to know her. I still have some vivid memories of her like the first time I was able to see over the sink in her kitchen, her making pancakes or the time when I asked her if I could get all the toys in her house when she was dead (which made my mother a bit angry with me, grandma said I could). Astrid was a beautiful woman and in her wardrobe you could find many wonderful, handmade dresses. Today I and my cousin Ida have most of them. I have used the 4 that I have in many of my self-portraits. For some strange reason that I don't know I love wearing them. I'm not religious but I beleive in energy and maybe there is still some of grandma left in them. In the photos below Ida is wearing one of these dresses. My favourite picture is the one where she is dancing and it looks like the sun is pulling her in..

Exhibition time!

 Next month I will exhibit photos that I took for the fundraising organisation Barnfonden (www.barnfonden.se) in Mali some years ago. Together with photographers such as Ann McNab Törnkvist and Jake Lyell we will try to show the everyday life of children around the world. I spent 10 days in a boiling hot Mali and I had so many intense experiences and I saw so many different things. I was there mainly to photograph 3 campaigns and during one of them I met my now sponsor-child Madioba. She is such a happy little girl and I'm glad to support her and hopefully provide her with a brighter future. For 230 Swedish krona every month you can change both a community and a persons life for the better...what are you waiting for ;)
If you are in Malmö during the big festival in August I highly recommend you to see the exhibition. I will there for the vernissage the 17th and it would be wonderful if you could stop by and say Hi.
Klick on the link for more information: http://ec2-176-34-181-105.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com/konst-design/foto/ogonblick-fran-barnfondens-verksamhet---foton-fran-bland-annat-mali-och-indien/

2 Jul 2012

New Home

Yesterday I moved into a new flat here in Malmö that I will share with a guy from Colombia, I wasn't allowed to stay longer where I lived before. It broke my heart a little bit because I loved that tiny flat. I have recently realised that I haven't lived more than 1 year at the same place since I moved out of my parents like 8 years ago. I have lived in Kristianstad, Sunne, Malmö, Stockholm, Malmö, NY Berlin and then back to Malmö again. I still feel like I haven't found one place to stay longer yet. The main reason why I'm back in Malmö is because it's close to my clients and my family. It's a nice place but still a part of me is longing for something else. When it comes to literature I love things that was written around the 1800 century, in the romantic era. I like how it revolted against rationalization and how it validated strong emotions and connected with nature in a magical way. As a little girl I was enchanted by Caspar David Friedrich and John William Waterhouse paintings without knowing why. Today I'm more aware that I have this inner longing for things that are far far away, things that I haven't discovered yet. So I guess I have the answer to why I still haven't found a place and maybe never will. I think that my love for the romantic era also shines through in my photography. I focus on emotions, I see nature as a magical thing and I have a need to escape the boredom of reality.