30 Oct 2013

Longing for a change...

It's cold and dark outside, I am completely alone in my apartment. A cup of tea keeps me warm and I'm listening to a playlist I named wild, at the moment it's Postiljonen. It's during evening time that I allow myself to think and reflect more about everything. I wonder if life will change to the better or the worse and when it will. I feel like I am waiting for something but I don't know what. We all want to find love but I wonder if that is the answer to my restlessness. It seems impossible to find someone that attracts the heart and the mind and at the same time provides me with a secure and safe feeling. The few times I have found myself in love there has always been one of these three things missing. I find comfort in the fact that when you are alone you also have complete freedom. Freedom is very important in finding happiness. I am good at being on my own, I have been it for most of my life. I guess I'm just longing for a change... 

Take me with you (self portrait)

24 Oct 2013

Paris for the first time

For many years me, my sister and our mum have been talking about going to Paris. Last month we finally did it and we also brought my sister's oldest daughter. I think family is such an important thing and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful one.
It was some really nice and chilled days filled with great company, good food and wine, shopping, clichés and surprises. I can definitely see myself going back there one day.
As usually I will let my pictures do the talking, after all I am not a writer...

The view from the hotel


Who need men? 

We lived close to Sacré Coeure and Montmatre

Cola girls

I love heights 

Mama's hands

I ate at this place all the time in NY so when I saw Maoz we just had to have falafel there

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

Of course I had to take picture of my youngest muse in the graveyard 

You will always be able to charm me with wine and cheese...apparently my sister too


We went to see Ruvan's (NY photographer)  exhibition but it was sadly closed


To be honest I don't really get the thing about Mona...

Going home...