31 Jul 2013

New design of www.isabellnwedin.com

I have been wanting a new design for my website for a long time. I felt like the old one didn't represent me anymore, I wanted something "lighter". It was also time to get rid of some categories and to create some new ones. If you are curios of the design and to see all the new pics got to www.isabellnwedin.com and check it out! :) Thank you Mi Tjio for creating it!


I spent last weekend in Perstorp, the village where I grew up. It's a quiet place, in the countryside, surrounded by forests. I had a couple of photoshoots but I also had time for my family and friends who lives there. For once I didn't feel the need to rush home to Malmö.


Friday and mama. (My father has forbidden me to publish photos of him on the web)

Asti and I

Mother's flowers / Cooling down in the pool where I learned to swim at an early age

Siri and Asti lives in the pool when they are visiting

My brother's fiancee Camilla and their son Vidar

My brother playing with Vidar


After photographing a wedding on Saturday I went to my cousin on the other side of the village

I love it there too

Lazy evening 


My lovely cousin Ida

her bf Andreas was in charge of grilling the pig...it was after all a grisfest. Since I am a vegetarian I am happy that it was headless. 

Good times

Awesome food, awesome people

and of course there are horses on the mansion

Ida with her horse Happy

I love the summer sky in the evening

Strike a pose!

Games! Getting the nail down as fast a possible

Time for drinks!


Andre and Slingan



More games...hillbilly style. 

The winner of the games! (Photo by Ida or Therese)


24 Jul 2013

Berlin & summer

They say that good things comes to good people but that is just bullshit, life is never fair and never will be. It doesn't matter if you have decided to not do to others what you don't want them to do to you, people will still treat you like shit now and then. I'm just understanding that this is the way it will always be and sadly there ain't nothing I can do about it...except for trusting my intuition more in the future. So what do you do when your own city makes you blue, when you feel the need to escape? You get on a plane to Berlin and live in the now. I just came home from 5 beautiful days full of sunshine, dear friends, deep conversations, baths in lakes, great culture, cheap and tasty food and cocktails, new interesting people and a lot of chilling and partying. The days went by so fast, I didn't have time to meet all the people that I wanted to and I felt a bit empty when I arrived in Malmö. I would not want to live in any other place in Sweden but sometimes I wonder if this is the place for me, if there will ever be a place that feels like home. My dream is to travel and take pictures, to get new experiences and never feel like I am standing still. I was born this way, it's my nature and it's not always easy. I'm grateful for many many things in my life but my hunger keeps my stomach empty...

Getting ready for the Ascot party / Gerry and Manu's birthday party

Gerry's hat with my gift on it

Posh people 1

Posh people 2

Listening to live music

Lady Maria

Birthday child 1:Duchess Gertrud of Flanders and unicorn Raspberry

Birthday kid nr 2: Manolo 1 of Germany 

Marias hat had a life of it own

Chief Soaring Eagle from Black Thunder Tribe shares his "vision" 

and Gerry gladly tries it

Manolo I of Germany and duchess Gertrude of Flanders

The pimp

Hungover but happy. Manu and Gerry, thank you so much for your awesome hospitality! 

Puss puss

True that!

Summer in Berlin can be freaking hot so we went to the butcherlake

refreshing like hell 

standing on the sky

oh summer I love you

Kai blessing Gerry  

Chilling at Manu and Gerry's house

Ready for Friday night

We are in Berlin!!!!


Fika with fina Davide!

Saturday=Rosi's This is one of my favorite places in Berlin, especially in the Summer

Maria showing her skills 1

Maria showing her skills 2

I love all the decorations in the rooms
By unknown

Maria being blessed by Kai

Lazy Sunday=brunch  

Outdoor classical music concert in front of the Bode museum. 

Crazy moon



I heart indian food


George with his leica in Görlitzer park

The wild horse

expressions (by Manolo Ty)