10 Oct 2011

Ina and the last breath of Summer

When I find a location I can not really describe why it speaks to me, why I find it interesting. I think it's just an instinct, a feeling in my stomach that tell me that it's a great spot. I have just learned to trust that feeling and beleive in it. It's the same with people that I bump into now and then. So when I, one late Summer evening, hungry for a snack went into Burger King and saw Ina I just knew she would be great to photograph. It's a good thing I'm a woman because I can just do that, ask random, beautiful girls on the street if I can photograph them without them thinking I'm a pervert. Anyway, this last weekend I finally had time to take Inas portrait. She really understood that bohemian, dreamy feeling that I was aiming for. These pictures are my favorites...

7 Oct 2011

A lazy afternoon in my apartment

Two friends on mine, Elina and Madelene came to visit me one afternoon. After drinking tea and eating homemade cookies we decided to have a small photoshoot. They have both been helping me out this summer so it felt nice to give some back. These are my favorites...

6 Oct 2011


This beautiful young woman is Madelene. About a month ago she saved me when I still the day before a big wedding didn't have an assistant. With very short notice she said yes and she proved to be very good at assisting. To thank her I took her portrait on the way home after the wedding. Madelene also enjoys taking pictures but hasn't modeled that much. I think she did really good and there is something very pure about the way she moved and posed.

Ida-Johanna "The Artist"

This is my friend Ida-Johanna who came to visit a couple of weeks ago. For fun we did a photoshoot in my living room. She wore my new favorite dress (the black one) that I got the same day at H&M. I'm planning on wearing it next moth at the opening of my exhibition in Berlin.

Ida- Johanna is a very interesting artist and you should definitively check out her work at:


2 Oct 2011

I wanna run with the wild horses

Wild horses, I wanna be like you, throwing caution to the wind, I'll run free too. Wish I could recklessly love, like I'm longing to. I see the girl I wanna be, riding bare back, care free along the shore, If only that someone was me, jumping head first headlong without a thought, to act and damn the consequence. How I wish it could be that easy, but fear surrounds me like a fence, I wanna break free, I wanna run with the wild horses, run with the wild horses /From Natasha Bedingfield's Wild horses

1 Oct 2011

Sandy romance

Next month I will be exhibiting in Berlin together with another artist. I will write more when I have more info. But I would like to know which one of these three self portraits you think I should show? Or should I exhibit two ore all three of them? I would love to know what you think. / xoxo