17 Sep 2016

27 000 SEK for charity

The other day The Elephant Ball took place in Gothenburg. Behind this fundraising gala you find The Perfect World Foundation. (The Perfect World Foundation is a Non-Profit organization with the ambition to raise awareness and to help animals and nature areas in crises world wide.) Several artists and photographers including Nick Brandt, James Meakin (I know...OMG!) and myself had contributed with photography work that was auctioned out and I was amazed to find out that the image you see here was sold for 27 000 SEK! I know that that money will be put to good use and it brings me joy to be able to help even if it's a little bit. WE are the generation that needs to act, if we don't, our children will only know these amazing animals from images. Visithttps://theperfectworldfoundation.se/hem/ and see how you can contribute in this important cause. 

6 Sep 2016