25 Jan 2010

Style-guide of the month

This is not going to be about photography but it will be about me. A couple of weeks ago I assisted the lovely photographer Lars Borges here in Berlin. He was shooting fashion for the brand Mister*Lady. At the shoot I was asked if I wanted to be the style-guide of the month for brand. Off-course I accepted and I got to do something that I guess is kind of a dream for every girl who loves clothes. I got to go to their store and pick two outfits, that I got to keep. All I had to do was to create two different looks and write about it. Emilie helped me with the styling and then Tassili and Georg turned the text into german. Are you curious about what it looks like? Just go to www.mister-lady.com and look under style-guide. The photo of me is taken by Mi Tjio.


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