3 Feb 2010

Digging for gold

I remember, not long ago I heard about a photographer who after every photo shoot deletes 70 % of all the images he has taken. He sais that he knows right away if it is o good or a bad picture and all the other images just takes up space on his hard drive. I could never work like that. Off course there are some images that you erase right away because of various reason but I believe that the way I look at pictures now will be different in just a year or two. I like to go back now and then and dig for some gold. What I love about getting older is mostly the fact that the more I see the more I learn. I have gone from being a huge Avedon fan to a huge Ryan McGinley fan(thank you Ruvan!) What I'm trying to say is that I'm constantly changing and when I go back in my archives I see things that I missed the first time. So don't delete more pictures than you should because you might be erasing that one picture that you will love later on. Today I travelled almost two years back and found pictures of my lovely friend and model Josefine. The shoot was for the brand Nene and it took place in Malmö. During that time I was totally into photographing in a studio. Right now I am doing the opposite and love the simple beauty in natural light. Without change I would become very bored of life...


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