22 Aug 2012

Exhibition Barnfonden (Malmö)

Last Friday it was the opening of an exhibition that I'm taking part in. It's a collaboration with the fund-raising organisation Barnfonden (www.barnfonden.se) who works for a better everyday life for children all over the world. Some years ago I photographed two campaigns for the organisation in Mali (West Africa). I spent 10 days travelling around in south parts of that huge and super warm country. It was a mind blowing experience that I will never forget. I got to visit villages far out in the countryside, some where the organisation has been active for years and also places where they would start project. It was a huge difference and you can really see the good they are doing. All the photographers had donated prints to the exhibition and when they would be sold all the money would go into projects in Mali. It makes me happy to say that I sold and that money will do some good for someone else. It makes me feel good about myself, that through my photography work I was able to have some small effect on someone's life. We can all help to create a difference, even if it's just a small one. It's easy for people like me and you who has a home, food on the table, easy access to healthcare, the possibility of an education, clean water to drink to forget that we have a responsibility to help others who don't. We must fight poverty and strive for a safe and good environment for everyone, especially children. It's important to not forget that we are all just humans.

The pictures that were selected for the exhibtion. (More images at: www.isabellnwedin.com Projects)

Health clinic Keleya

Pre-school Keleya

The opening night

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