9 Aug 2012


Before this summer it had been several years since I had visited Stockholm. She is beautiful but I prefer Malmö, Copenhagen and Berlin. Still, it was nice to go there again because so many of my friends lives there now. One of them is Josefine that you see in the pictures below. I went to Stockholm to photograph a wedding and I stayed with her the hole time. Since my train was leaving late the last the day we decided to have a spontaneous photoshoot. You could say that Josefine was my first model. When we where young teenagers, living in the same small town, we used to play model and photographer a lot. I think we both dreamt about escaping that little world we where in. I dressed her in horrible things and did her make-up in a horrible way. We both thought it looked great back then but now we laugh about it. Maybe I will share those photos with you here one day. When I look at those pictures I can really see how much I have grown as a photographer. I have a tendency of being very critical towards my work and sometimes It's good looking back to see how far I have come.

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