10 May 2013

Rome / Livorno / Florence

I just came back from a 6 days holiday spent in Italy together with my wonderful friend Madde. We started our trip in Rome where the first thing that hit us was the warmth and the pulse of the big city. We walked slowly through the streets and saw many signs of wonder like the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. We were lucky to stumble upon the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Rome called Il Margutta Ristor Arte. We took a break from the city in Villa Borghese and went to Gianicolo for the amazing view of the city. After 2 nights we took the train to Livorno by the coast. We were welcomed by my new friend Irene. She was kind to take us in when our original plan failed. Now and then you meet people that you embrace right away and she in one of those. We went to a release party for a Livorno musician called Glavast and we all danced for hours. It's my third time in the city and every time I have been there it's been a new experience, both good and bad. When the three of us got on the train to Florence I really left a piece of my heart behind. Maybe one day I will go back to collect it again...
We arrived in a cloudy Florence but no rain fell upon us in the last days. Irene has lived there so we could not have asked for a better guide. I must also recommend the hotel we stayed at. If you ever go to this city you have to stay at Hotel Elite. Just the lady who own the place makes it worth staying there. Florence is beautiful and we walked around a lot. In the evening we found two Dutchmen that we hung out with until the sun went up. I love that about travelling, how you so randomly meet people. When Irene went to Milan the next day, me and Madde went to two museum, first the famous Uffizi and then Museo Nazionale di Fotografia F.lli Alinar. When I went to art school many years ago I was in love with Botticelli so It was great to see some of his most famous work up close. At the same time I realized how much I love photography and how stiff old paintings can be. At the photography museum they where showing work by Joel-Peter Witkin (http://www.edelmangallery.com/witkin.htm). It's a bit funny because it was also at art school that I first saw his work. I still can't make up my mind how I feel about it, the use of dead people. It's frightening, provoking but beautiful and magical at the same time.
When I woke up the last morning I was filled with mixed feelings, one part of me needed to get home but the other part was begging me to stay. The downside about travelling is when it ends, I guess I just have to make some new plans for after this summer. Tomorrow the wedding season starts for me and I will be super busy.
I have taken so many photos during this trip and here are some that I want to share with you...

On our way
Getting ready for Rome
Wandering around
Many tourists
Beautiful birds
Day 2
Veggi lover
In Villa Borghese
Walking around
After getting lost we finally found the spot where you could see it all

Changing city
I love Italy

Summer is already here
Irene spoiled us on our arrival
Such a beautiful little cat
Livorno by night started at the seaside
We danced and danced

Why can't drinks be this cheap in Sweden

For some reason almost everyone I get to know in Livorno is a musician...
Livorno is beautiful in it's own way
Changing city again...
On the wall where loved once writes their names I found this one...

Walking around

We spent the hole night outdoors and it was crazy how few people we saw
The first word I remember knowing in Italian is fragola. As a child I was crazy about strawberry ice cream
One of the Dutchmen we found...

Of course we had to go there...after 2 hours in line we got in
Someone made a bad joke and had to make up for it....

Crossing the mountains
Going to the airport in Pisa
I love clouds...but I hate when a trip ends

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