21 Nov 2013

Armor of feathers (Self portrait)

It's when darkness has fallen that the most creative sides of me comes out. That is when my mind and heart comes together to create things I didn't know existed. I have always been a bit slow to understand things about myself and I am a dreamer. I don't feel a need to document what I see, I want to document what I feel. If this means I will not change the world that is fine with me. I'm sensitive and even if it's not always to an advantage in life I have to embrace that side of myself. Still I like to face things straight on even if it mean more pain. I think that is how you should deal with life to be able to keep your dignity. I have come to know a few cowards and I have promised myself to never be like them. I'm strong minded and far from perfect. I would just like to try to keep some of the pureness I still got left in a world that get's colder and colder...

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