4 Mar 2014

Going through old hard drives..

Now and then I like to go through old hard drives because I see things now that I didn't see back then, photos that I had dismissed gets a new value. Tonight I have looked at photos I made while I lived very shortly in New York 2009. I remember those months vividly and it brings me only joy to see photos from that period. I have always had a problem letting go of the past and I feel it has gotten harder since I started documenting my life. There are things that the heart and mind wants to forget but the photos are a constant reminder of those moments, nostalgia is beautiful and ugly at the same time.

While I was in New York I met several interesting and inspiring people and one of them was the canadian musician Jesse Marchant, JBM. It's impossible to not be effected by his voice and lyrics. Many evenings while editing photos I have listen to his records and every time it brings me a peaceful feeling. If you still haven't discovered him I recommend you to go to: http://www.jbm-music.com/ 

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