22 Apr 2014

April thoughts

When someone calls my photography work girly or feminine I take it as a compliment. There was a time when I didn't because society had taught me different. Now I see it as a strength, I am a woman so I welcome it. Most of my followers are young women and I can only hope I inspire them. I am grateful for all the beautiful words I have received about my work. It took me a while but today I have found my photography style, my voice. Everyone can take pictures but to stand out you have to find that style and explore it, hopefully your hole life. When it comes to my self portraits I like to dive into the romantic era and create stories. Sometimes I am inspired of things that has happened and sometimes I like to just let my creativity run loose, like when I used to paint. I am happy that my photographs are cohesive, that they have the same "feel". My pictures are not every once cup of tee but that is just the way it's always gonna be and I don't care. Someone once told me to only allow criticism to affect you if there is any truth in it or if it comes from someone you respect. In the end you make images for yourself and that is why it's important to do things you like.
Today we are drowning in images, there was even a program in Sweden called Everyone is a photographer. I guess that is true, but not everyone is a professional photographer and has their own business. I love what I do but it's not always easy. You have to be good at finances, have great social skills, do your own pr and then find time to be creative. But when I think of the satisfaction, the freedom and happiness it brings there is not really anything else I want to do.

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