7 May 2014

Happiness will bring you good luck

Most people I know have their vacation during summer but since I am busy with photographing weddings and children during this time I have made it a tradition to make a small trip before it all starts. Me and my lovely friend Karolina decided that Berlin was the place to go. Berlin is a city that I am very much familiar with, I lived there for 10 months 2009-2010. Since then I have returned at least once a year to meet up with friends, eat and drink cheap, experience great art and just inhale the cool atmosphere. We were lucky to have wonderful weather and spent most time outdoors, we hardly slept at all. Sadly some of the friends I wanted to see was not there at the time but that just made room for making new once. It was Karolinas first time in the city and I tried my best show her the reasons why Berlin has a special place in my heart.
On one of the days I got us each a fortune cookie and mine said "happiness will bring you good luck" That seems to be a good motto to keep in mind for the summer that lies ahead of me.

On our way!

The first stop

Wonderful D! It's so great that your moving to CPH!

 We went to the Helmut Newton museum and got inspired 
In June's room we found some beautiful photos of naked men....

OMG I looooove sushi!

Going for a walk

I have seen the holocaust memorial many times but it's still so powerful.... 

Karolina, the tourist ;)


A first taste of summer

Outlets are dangerous!

Hanna's going away party. Have a great time in Rome my friend! 

I think we slept 4-5 h every night...ore less

Tiergarten, so green...

D and the Americans! 

D and the Swedes 

Tired lady

Manu, the vagabond just returned from 6 months traveling the world, he gained more wisdom and a beard. 


By Manolo Ty

Beloved Mauerpark

By Karolina

Get out of the way bitch!


I heart this flee market! 

Sexy hats

Sexy shades  

The last thing I showed Karolina was one of the cemeteries that I love. There is something magical about this one...

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